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Further Information; Notational Conventions - Fujitsu B23T-6 LED Operating Manual

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Your LCD screen...

Further information

Details of how you set the resolution and refresh rate are provided in the documentation
for your display adapter and the associated driver software.
For ergonomic reasons, we recommend a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.
Because of the technology used (active matrix) an LCD monitor provides a totally
flicker-free picture even with a refresh rate of 60 Hz.

Notational conventions

This font
This font
This font
"This font"
This font
Downloaded from Manuals
Pay particular attention to text marked with this symbol. Failure to observe
these warnings could pose a risk to health, damage the device or lead
to loss of data. The warranty will be invalidated if the device becomes
defective through failure to observe these warnings.
Indicates important information for the proper use of the device.
Indicates an activity that must be performed
Indicates a result
indicates data entered using the keyboard in a program dialogue or at
the command line, e.g. your password (Name123) or a command used to
start a program (start.exe)
indicates information that is displayed on the screen by a program, e.g.:
Installation is complete.
terms and texts used in a software interface, e.g.: Click on Save
names of programs or files, e.g. Windows or setup.exe.
cross-references to another section, e.g. "Safety information"
cross-references to an external source, e.g. a web address: For more
information, go to
Names of CDs, DVDs and titles or designations of other materials, e.g.:
"CD/DVD Drivers & Utilities" or "Safety" Manual
indicates a button on the monitor, e.g:
indicates terms and texts that are emphasised or highlighted, e.g.: Do
not switch off the device
Fujitsu Technology Solutions

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