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Caring For Your Dryer - LG RC8055*H Series Owner's Manual

Heat pump dryer
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Caring for Your Dryer

Caring for your Dryer is Very Important
It's not difficult to care for your dryer but it is
important that you do care for it to get the best
out of it.
Clean Filter
Clean the filter after each use and check it
before each use. It should also be cleaned if the
''Clean Filter'' light becomes illuminated and the
buzzer sounds whilst the dryer is in operation.
Cleaning or emptying the filter will reduce drying
times and energy consumption and lengthen the
dryer life.
- The lint trap has to be cleaned
frequently, if applicable.
- Lint must not to be allowed to
accumulate around the tumble dryer.
- Filter must be cleaned after every cycle
1. Open the door.
2. Pull the filter out.
3. Clean the filter by
using a vacuum
cleaner or rinsing
under the tap.
4. Replace the filter.
- Push the filter all
the way down to
avoid interference
with the door.
5. Close the door.
- After washing the filter, please dry
- Lint must not be left to accumulate
in the dryer.
If the filter is not in your dryer, you
can not operate the dryer.
If "Clean Filter" symbol is displayed during the operation, clean the filter promptly.
1.Cool the dryer down and follow the above steps.
2.Press the Start/Pause button.
Empty Water Container
Condensed water is collected in the water
Empty the water container after every use.
Not doing so will affect the drying performance.
If the water container is full, the "Empty Water"
lamp glows and the buzzer sounds while the
dryer is operating. If this should occur, the water
container needs to be emptied within the next
1. Pull out the water
2. Empty water
container in the
3. Push it back into
the dryer.
4. Press the
A high atmospheric temperature and
a small room may both increase
drying time as well as energy
Do not drink the condensed water.
If the laundry is not spun at a high speed
during washing, energy consumption
and drying time will increase.
In some instances, LED window may
display "
" (Empty water symbol) and
the dryer may stop because the water
container is full.


Table of Contents

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