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Premium food grinder attachment
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5. Place the hopper (6 in Figure 1) on top of the feed/grinder tube (5 in Figure 1).
6. Insert the food pusher (7 in Figure 1) into the hopper opening.
Disassembling and Re-assembling the Grinder Attachment (see Figure 1)
1. Make sure stand mixer is turned off and unplugged.
2. Remove the food pusher (7) and lift off the food hopper (6).
3. Remove the grinder assembly from the stand mixer by first loosening the locking knob and then, with a slight back
and forth twisting motion, pull out the grinder assembly.
4. While firmly holding the grinder assembly, loosen and remove the locking ring. (Tip: it may be easier to loosen the
locking ring while grinder attachment is still locked in the stand mixer.)
5. Carefully remove the grinding plate (2). (Caution! The holes have sharp edges.) Observe that the grinding plate has
a half circle notch that aligns with a similarly shaped key in the feed/grinding tube.
6. Next, carefully remove the cutting blade (3). (Caution! The blade has very sharp edges.) Observe that the flat sides of
the cutting blades face and are adjacent to the grinding plate. It is extremely important that when re-assembling
the grinder head, the cutting blade be properly positioned. Failing to do so may damage the unit.
7. Now, pull out the auger (4).
8. To assemble the grinder head, follow the above steps in reverse. When attaching the locking ring (1),
do not over tighten.
Using the Grinder Attachment
Make sure all grinder parts are in the correct position and properly secured (see "Installing Food Grinder Attachment to
the Stand Mixer").
1. Make sure the "speed control" switch is in the "off" position.
2. Insert plug into a 120V, 60Hz, 3 prong, grounded power outlet.
3. Place a sufficiently large bowl under the grinder attachment.
4. Place the food into the food hopper, but do not start to feed it into the feed/grinder tube until the stand mixer is
turned "on". Food should be cut into strips or cubes (see "Tips" section).
5. Turn the speed control on the stand mixer to 4 (the recommended speed range is 4-6).
6. Use the food pusher to feed the food through the hopper opening into the feed/grinder tube. The food pusher is
designed to also store extra grinding plates.

Tips, for Best Results

• Chill raw meats and seafood thoroughly (but do not freeze) prior to grinding.
• Meats should be free of bones and tendons; fruits should be free of seeds and nuts should be cleaned of shells.
• Meats and other foods should be cut into cubes or strips small enough so they easily fit through the hopper
opening and into the feed/grinder tube.
• The grinder attachment comes with a medium and coarse grinding plate. The medium grinding plate is used for
general grinding tasks including raw and cooked meats, spreads, nuts and bread crumbs. The coarse grinding
plate can also be used for raw and cooked meats, crispy vegetables, dried fruits and cheese.



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