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Premium food grinder attachment
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Important! Assemble cutting blade
correctly, as shown. Flat side against
grinding blade.

Parts List

1. Locking (retaining) ring
2. Grinding plate
3. Cutting blade
4. Auger (feed screw)
5. Feed/grinder tube (cylinder)
6. Hopper (food tray)
7. Food pusher (also stores extra grinding plates)
Figure 1. The food grinder attachment assembly.
Installing the Food Grinder Attachment to the Stand Mixer
Note: Clean all grinder parts before first use (see section on "Cleaning and Maintenance").
1. Always make sure stand mixer speed control is "off" and the stand mixer is not plugged in during installation or
detachment of the grinder attachment.
2. Loosen the locking knob (A in Figure 2), by turning it counterclockwise.
3. If present, remove the attachment hub cover or flip up the hub cover.
4. Insert the assembled grinder attachment (items 1 to 5 in
Figure 1) into the attachment hub (B in Figure 2) of the
stand mixer. Make sure the locking knob (A) screw is
fully retracted and does not interfere with the insertion.
Slightly twist the grinder attachment back and forth
to ensure that the grinder shaft (C in Figure 2) seats
properly into the square hub sockets of the stand mixer
hub. When the grinder attachment is properly positioned,
the pin on its housing will fit into the notch on the hub
rim. Tighten the locking knob snugly until the grinder
attachment is properly secured in the motor housing.
Do not over tighten the locking knob.
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Figure 2. Installing the food grinder attachment to
the stand mixer.



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