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How To Operate The Refrigerator Compartment - Whirlpool ARC 0070 Instructions For Use Manual

Whirlpool arc 0070 refrigerator
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Switching on the appliance
Starting up the appliance
Plug in the appliance.
The inside light, where provided, switches on
when the refrigerator door is opened.
Adjusting the temperature
Ensure the water collection tray, located
below the low temperature compartment,
touches the rear wall of the refrigerator unit.
The thermostat, located on the right hand side of
the refrigerator compartment, is used to adjust
the internal temperature.
To adjust the temperature in the refrigerator
compartment, turn the thermostat control knob:
Lowest numbers 1-2 for the LEAST COLD
internal temperatures;
Numbers 3-4 for a MEDIUM internal
Highest numbers 5-7 for the COLDEST
internal temperatures.
Thermostat set to
switched off although it remains connected to the
mains power supply.
The ambient air temperature, the frequency of
door opening and the position of the appliance
can affect internal temperatures. These factors
must be taken into account when setting the
Position of water collection tray:
when the room temperature is above 25°C, pull
the water collection tray forwards, aligning it with
the two small dots on the right-hand side of the
refrigerator unit (Fig. 1).
Using the refrigerator compartment
Position food as follows:
A Cooked foods, cakes, soup/pasta: on the
grid below the low temperature compartment.
B Fish, meat, cold cuts: on the grid above the
crisper drawer.
C Fruit and vegetables: in the special crisper
D Bottles, canned produce: use the door
trays in the inner door.
E Eggs: use the special compartment in the
inner door.
: the appliance is
(Fig. 1)
The space between the shelves and the rear
wall of the refrigerator compartment must be
unobstructed to allow circulation of air.
Do not place food in direct contact with the
rear wall of the refrigerator compartment.
Do not place hot food in the refrigerator.
Store liquids in closed containers.