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Section 1. Summary; Servicing Precautions - LG LAC-M3600 Service Manual

Detachable front panel car cd receiver
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Always disconnect the power source before:
1) Removing or reinstalling any component, circuit board, module or any other instrument assembly.
2) Disconnecting or reconnecting any instrument electrical plug or other electrical connection.
3) Connecting a test substitute in parallel with an electrolytic capacitor in the instrument.
CAUTION: A wrong part substitution or incorrect polarity installation of electrolytic capacitors may result in
an explosion hazard.
Do not defeat any plug/socket B+ voltage interlocks with which instruments covered by
this service manual might be equipped.
Do not apply power to this instrument and or any of its electrical assemblies unless all
solid-state device heat sinks are correctly installed.
Always connect a test instrument's ground lead to the instrument chassis ground before
connecting the test instrument positive lead. Always remove the test instrument ground
lead last.
1) The service precautions are indicated or printed on the cabinet, chassis or components. When servicing,
follow the printed or indicated service precautions and service materials.
2) The Components used in the unit have a specified conflammability and dielectric strength. When replac-
ing any components, use components which have the same ratings. Components marked
cuit diagram are important for safety or for the characteristics of the unit. Always replace with the exact
3) An insulation tube or tape is sometimes used and some components are raised above the printed writing
board for safety. The internal wiring is sometimes clamped to prevent contact with heating components.
Install them as they were.
4) After servicing always check that the removed screws, components and wiring have been installed cor-
rectly and that the portion around the service part has not been damaged. Further check the insulation
between the blades of attachment plug and accessible conductive parts.
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