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Electrolux AR 4100 User Manual page 9

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WARNING: The machine must be
switched off and the battery unplugged.
Unscrew the clean tank filter and scrub with a stiff
brush to remove all accumulated foreign matter
and lime build-up.
When the recovery tank is emptied lift out the
filter, remove any accumulated rubbish and wash
under running water.
If the liquid flow to the brushes deteriorates then
the solenoid valve diaphragms should be
cleaned. To gain access to these tip back the
empty tank unit to its fullest extent (it is limited by a
supporting gas spring).
Take special care when handling acid as it is corrosive, if it should come into contact with skin
or eyes, wash abundantly with water and consult a doctor.
The batteries should be charged in a well ventilated area with the seat raised, using the charger
supplied or one which matches the battery capacity.
For charging and maintenance operations on the batte ry see the instruction leaflets of both the
battery and the charger.
It is recommended that battery specialists deal with the commissioning of new batteries.
The previously slackened magnetic brake must be set
for normal operation.
Screw in the brake tension plate clockwise until the
machine cannot move, turn on the key switch to
"ON", then gently press the traction accelerator
pedal. The brake should be heard to snap "off" and
with further pressure on the pedal the machine will
move forward. The tension plate should be adjusted
so that from full speed the machine stops within 1.5
metres from the point the pedal is released.
When the braking distance has been set, fit the brake
cover to avoid the ingress of foreign matter.



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