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Preparing A New Machine - Electrolux AR 4100 User Manual

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The machine is battery operated.
Depending on the country in which the machine is
supplied three options are possible:
1. Battery supplied and fitted, filled with acid and
ready for use.
2. Battery supplied and fitted but dry.
3. Battery not supplied.
The battery compartment is under the seat. Lift the
seat upwards and over the steering wheel to see
which option applies with your machine.
If a battery is fitted, unscrew one of the vent caps to determine if it is filled
with acid which covers the plates and separators.
1. If acid is present then all that is necessary is to
plug the battery connector into the
2. If the battery is supplied
without liquid, it must be filled
up with acid before it can be
used. Read the leaflet
supplied with the battery
about filling and
3. If no battery is supplied then
this will have to be purchased
separately and fitted. Cable
terminations for the battery take-offs
which will be supplied with the
battery, will have to be fitted to the
connector leads which are supplied with
the machine.
WARNING: The machine must be
switched off and the battery unplugged.
Remove each solenoid assembly one at a time, by
pulling the two spade connectors away from the
unit then turn the coil through 90° and lift away
along the axis. Wash the rubber diaphragm
clean, wipe the seating with a damp cloth, then
reassemble in reverse order.
Repeat this operation with the other three valves.
Every 50 hours as seen from the run time display
on the panel, inject four pump strokes of
molybdenum gear grease from a high pressure
grease gun (the type used for cars) into each of
the greasing points of the traction wheel.
To gain access to the fuses, remove the right side



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