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Electrolux AR 4100 User Manual page 14

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Whilst the machine is being used take note of the
battery condition indicator, if the red indicator
lights continuously then the machine will shortly
stop scrubbing because the battery has run down
during use to a predetermined level beyond which
battery damage will result. Scrubbing and drying
operations will stop, but traction and the recovery
tank discharge pump will still operate allowing
you to empty the tank and return to your charging
Press the brush motor ON/OFF push button to
start the brushes.
Press "+" to increase or "-" to decrease the brush
When the machine is positioned ready for
scrubbing, select the estimated amount of clean
liquid required by pressing the detergent flow
control ON/OFF push. An indicator will light
which can be increased in four steps for varying
the quantity of liquid delivered to the brushes.
NOTE that the liquid will be delivered to the
brushes ONLY when the brushes are rotating and
the machine moving forward. If either the brushes
are switched off or the machine stops moving then
the liquid flow will stop.
If more liquid flow is required then press the boost
pump ON/OFF push which will double the
amount of flow which is shown by the indicator.
Once the brush motors are running the scrubbing
head can be lowered to the floor with the same
pressure that was previously being used.
This pressure may be changed at any time as
required by pressing the "+" or "-" buttons.
Forward or reverse are obtained by pressing the
right or left sides of the accelerator pedal.
Whilst reversing a bleeper will sound as a
warning signal.
If reversing takes place whilst scrubbing the
squeegee will be automatically lifted from the
floor to avoid damage.



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