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TIPTEL 3210 User Manual

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Tiptel3210 User Guide



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  Summary of Contents for TIPTEL 3210

  • Page 1 Tiptel3210 User Guide...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents 1. Overview ..................................5 1.1. Introduction ..............................5 1.2. Features ................................. 6 1.3. Keypad ................................8 1.4. Icons introduction ..........................10 2. Installation ................................11 2.1. Check package contents ........................11 2.2. Connection diagram ..........................11 2.3. Installation Steps ............................. 12 3.
  • Page 3 4.1.1. Language ............................26 4.1.2. Date & Time ..........................26 4.1.3. Backlight ............................27 4.1.4. Password Setting ........................27 4.2. Sound Settings ............................27 4.2.1. Phone Volume ..........................27 4.2.2. Ring Tones ........................... 28 4.3. Phone Book ............................... 28 4.3.1. Local Phone Book........................28 4.3.2.
  • Page 4 5.23. Security->Basic ............................. 66 5.24. Security->Advanced ..........................67 6. Troubleshooting..............................69 7. Appendix : Time Zones ............................70...
  • Page 5: Overview

    1.Overview 1.1.Introduction The Tiptel3210 is a featured one-line IP phone with full duplex hands-free speakerphone. It can be directly connected to an Internet Telephony Service Provider or to an IP PBX. Based on the SIP standard, the Tiptel3210 has been tested to ensure comprehensive interoperability with equipment from VoIP infrastructure leaders enabling service providers to quickly roll-out competitive, feature rich services to their customers.
  • Page 6: Features

    to provide a clean and user-friendly configuration window. 1.2.Features  Highlights HD Voice 2.3‘’ 132x64 Graphical LCD with Backlight Support 3-way Conference Support PoE Full Compatible with Asterisk, BroadSoft Platform  Phone Features 1 Line (support 1 SIP account) Support call waiting, call forwarding, call transfer Call on hold, mute, auto-answer, redial Phonebook (500 groups), Blacklist (100 groups), call logs (100 entries) 3-Way Conference...
  • Page 7: Network Features

    Multi-Languages: Default: English and Simple Chinese  IP-PBX Features Dial Plan Wideband Codec: G.722 SMS, voicemail, MWI message Notification Wideband Codec: G.722 Narrowband Codec: G723_53, G723_63, G726_32,PCMA, PCMU,G.729,G722 VAD, CNG , Echo Canceller Full-Duplex Speakerphone  Network Features SIP V1(RFC2543), V2(RFC3261) Static IP/DHCP for IP configuration 3 DTMF modes: In-Band, RFC2833, SIP INFO HTTP/HTTPS Web Server for Management...
  • Page 8: Keypad

    1.3.Keypad  Keypad, LED, and function key definitions  Keypad Description Navigation Assists you in selecting an item that you want to process Key /Key name Function Description under the menu by pressing the Up, Down, Right or Left key. Press the OK key to save, Press Cancel to return. Key combination includes functions such as History/Favorites/Redial/CallReturn/HotDesking/XML Soft keys 1/2/ 3/4...
  • Page 9 Headset Use the headset to call out or call in R key Forward the call to the third party Redial View the Missed Calls, Incoming Calls and Dialed Calls. Mute Press this key in calling mode and you can hear the other side, but the other side cannot hear you.
  • Page 10: Icons Introduction

    Power switch Input: 5V DC 1.2A Port Port name Description Internet 10/100M Connect it to Network 10/100M Connect it to PC Handset Port type: RJ-9 connector Headset Port type: RJ-9 connector 1.4.Icons introduction...
  • Page 11: Installation

    2.Installation 2.1. Check package contents Please refer to the package list below to check the completeness of package SIP Phone unit Name Quantity handset RJ-9 Cable Power Adapter RJ-45 Cable Stand Quick installation guide 2.2.Connection diagram...
  • Page 12: Installation Steps

    2.3.Installation Steps Step 1 – Connect to the power Connect the provided power adapter to the Power port and plug the adapter into an available power outlet. The LCD will display “Initializing, Please Wait…” ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note1: Never use a power adapter other than the one provided with Tiptel3210 Note2: Only Internet port supports POE.
  • Page 13: Functions

    3.Functions Make a call 3.1. 3.1.1.Call Devices User can make a phone call via the following methods : 1. Pick up the handset, icon will be shown on the idle screen. 2. Press the Hand-free key, icon will be shown on the idle screen. 3.
  • Page 14: Mute

    Handset and Hand-free by pressing the corresponding keys. Note: The will flash during the Incoming interface 3.3.Mute You can press the Mute key to make the user NOT be heard by the other party, but User can hear the other party. Icon will be shown on the LCD, and press the Mute key again to recover.
  • Page 15: Call Transfer

    can use dynamic forward to transfer all the incoming calls forward to the number inputted when the phone is ringing. Forward: Enable call forward feature, Options as follows: Always forward: All the incoming calls will be transferred unconditionally to specified ...
  • Page 16: Consultation Transfer

    Note: The UI will display Hold status interface when the number you want to transfer to is not existed. 3.8.2.Consultation Transfer 1. Press the Trans soft key to enter the number you want to transfer to during the talking; Input the number you want to transfer to ; 2.
  • Page 17: Call Park

    3.10.Call Park You can use Call Park feature to park the current talking, and then resume the Parking talking in another phone (For example, in another phone of another office or conference). Press the Call Park key to park the current talking during the talking. If success, you will hear voice announce or see the reserved extension number on the phone LCD.
  • Page 18: Speed Dial

    1. Set group pickup via phone interface PATH: Press Menu-->Features-->Programmable keys-->Soft Keys-->Group PickUp -->Press Down key to set label/Value/Account--> Save soft key; 2. Use group pickup feature When anyone in group receives an incoming call, you can press the group pickup key to answer.
  • Page 19: Intercom

    3. Use the Up or Down key to configure Number and Timeout; 4. Then press the Save key to save the changes. 3.15.Intercom To configure Intercom via Phone interface: PATH: Press Menu-->Features-->Programmable keys-->Soft Keys-->Intercom--> Press Down key to set label/Value/Account--> Save soft key; Press the Intercom key when the phone is available.
  • Page 20: Hotdesking Feature

    3.16.2.HotDesking Feature: After setting the HotDesking on Soft-key, back to the idle screen: Pressing the HotDesking, and enter the HotDesking screen: If you press clear on the screen, the phone will begin to clear the information stored on the phone: After clear the setting, the phone will enter the account setting screen:...
  • Page 21: Hoteling

    3.19.Hoteling Hoteling function enables the customer to login the own sip account on the Host ip phone, after login to the phone, the customer can use his own guest account on the host ip phone. Note: Hoteling is supported by Broadsoft platform, Please consult your administrator further information. 1、Remote Work Application:...
  • Page 22: Application

    The extension number 4723 is ready for use 3.20.Application 3.20.1. Text Message The IP phone Tiptel3210 can send and answer text message. The phone will make a “Du” sound and a twinkling message icon will appear. Note: Not all servers support message feature. Read Text Message 1.
  • Page 23: Voice Message

    keyboard or the Enter soft key to enter new message and edit it, press the “abc” soft key to switch the input methods: 4. Press the OK key on the phone keyboard or the Send soft key to send message; Press the Left or Right key on the phone keyboard or the Switch soft key to switch to the relevant addresser.:...
  • Page 24 Note: Not all servers support voice message. Voice Message You can leave a message when the user who you call is busy or unavailable. Leave a message according to the voice prompt of server, and then hang up after leaving the message. Set Visit account number of voice message via phone interface.
  • Page 25 2. Select the account you will check and press the Connect soft key to check voice  message...
  • Page 26: Settings

    4.Settings 4.1.Basic Settings 4.1.1. Language You can change the language through below method: Press Menu -> Settings -> Basic Setting -> Language 4.1.2. Date & Time 1. The IP phone displays Time and Date in Idle status. You can set the Time and Date obtain from SNTP server automatically or you can set the time and date manually.
  • Page 27: Backlight

    4.1.3. Backlight Set the screen backlight level and duration of backlight Press Menu -> Settings -> Basic Setting ->Backlight 4.1.4. Password Setting This function is to set into the advanced Settings password Press Menu -> Settings -> Advanced Setting ->Password Setting A dialog box “Enter Password:”...
  • Page 28: Ring Tones

    4.2.2. Ring Tones 1. The Ring Tone refers to incoming ring tone, which reminds the user that new call is coming with the phone. The IP phone Tiptel3210 supports phone ring tone to distinguish the incomings from other near phones’ ring tone; At the same time, the IP phone Tiptel3210 also support setting specific incoming ring tone for contacts.
  • Page 29: Blacklists contact from All Calls History: Add contact from All Calls History in the phone interface: 1. Press the History soft key; 2. Press the Up or Down key on the phone keyboard to select the contact you want to add; 3.
  • Page 30: History Management

    4.4.History Management The History management of IP phone Tiptel3210 contains dialed calls, received calls, missed calls and forwarded calls and support 100 logs storage at most. You can check the history, make calls from the calls history and delete the calls history 。 Press the History key, the LCD will display all the recent calls;...
  • Page 31: Basic Network Settings

    4. Press the Save soft key to save, or the Back soft key to cancel; an Account 1. Access Menu->Settings->Advanced setting->Account (password: admin). 2. Press Enter key to enter the account activation status area. 3. Select “Disable” in the account active status area. 4.
  • Page 32: Reset To Factory

    4.7.Reset to Factory In the Advanced Setting interface, press the Up or Down key on the phone keyboard to select “Reset to factory”, Press the OK key on the phone keyboard or the Enter soft key to access the reset to factory interface: 4.8.Reboot This is a function to set the phone reboot.
  • Page 33: Web Interface

    5.WEB Interface Web user interface (we will used Web UI for short in the following context) which is used for user or administration to check or change the IP SIP phone’s settings. Press the OK key on the phone keyboard to check the Phone’s IP address. ...
  • Page 34 User Name: admin Password: admin 4. After successfully log in, it will automatically locate to Status->Basic Page as shown below: To display the device’s information such as Model name, MAC Sections Description address (IP device’s physical address), Firmware version and Product Information Hardware firmware.
  • Page 35: Account->Basic

    corresponding page for any further information. 5.2.Account->Basic Path: Web UI -> Account->Basic To display and configure the specific Account settings. Sections Description Status: To display register result. SIP Account Display Label: Which is displayed on the phone’s LCD  screen. ...
  • Page 36: Account->Advanced

    for authentication. Password: Used for authorization. To display and configure Primary SIP server settings.  Server IP: SIP server address, it could be an URL or IP SIP Server 1 address.  Registration Period: The registration will expire after Registration period, the IP phone will re-register ...
  • Page 38 To display current Account settings or to select which account Sections Description to display. SIP Account To display and configure available/unavailable codecs list. Codec means coder-decoder which is used to transfer analog Codecs signal to digital signal or vice versa. Familiar codecs are G723_53, G723_63, G726_32, PCMA, PCMU,G.729, G722.
  • Page 39: Network->Basic

    rejected. Is escape non Ascii character: To transfer the symbol to Ascii character.  Missed Call Log: To display the miss call log. To display or configure third-party MOH(music-on-hold)  server. Music Server Address Active: To enable or disable this MOH server, If enabled, the IP phone will play MOH from configured server.
  • Page 40: Network->Advanced

    To display and configure LAN Port settings. Sections Description DHCP: If selected, IP phone will get IP address, Subnet LAN Port Mask, Default Gateway and DNS server address from  DHCP server automatically. Static IP: If selected, you have to set IP address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway and DNS server manually.
  • Page 41 To display and configure Local RTP settings. Sections Description Max RTP Port: Determine the maximum port that RTP Local RTP stream can use.  Min RTP Port: Determine the minimum port that RTP stream can use.  To display and configure SNMP settings. Active: To enable or disable SNMP feature.
  • Page 42: Phone ->Time/Lang

    equipment as client side devices. URL: To configure URL address for ACS or CPE. User name: To configure username for ACS or CPE.  Password: To configure Password for ACS or CPE.  Periodic Inform: To enable periodically inform.  Periodic Interval: To configure interval for periodic ...
  • Page 43 To choose the web language. Sections Description To choose the phone language. Web Language To configure time display settings. LCD Language Time Format: Determine what format to display on Format Setting Phone UI(12 hour/24 hour).  Date Format: Determine what format to display on Phone UI for Date.
  • Page 44: Phone->Preference

    Time&Date on Phone UI. To select how to configure time, it could be set by manually or get from INTERNET automatically via NTP server. Type Manual: To set Time and Date manually. Auto: To get Time via NTP server.  Note: If you set time to be Manually, it only tak effect till next ...
  • Page 45: Phone->Call Feature

    To enable or disable Headset Mode. Sections Description Active: If enabled, the default audio track will be headset Headset Mode mode, if audio track is changed during a call, it will be  back to headset mode after you hangup the call. To configure the sound volume for key press.
  • Page 47 To display and configure Forward setting. Sections Description Note: There are three types of forward: Always Forward, Busy Forward Transfer Forward and No answer Forward. Always Forward: Any incoming call will be forwarded in any situation.  Busy Forward: An incoming call will be forwarded if IP phone is busy.
  • Page 48: Phone->Voice

    Active: To enable or disable Intercom feature. Intercom Mute: If enabled, once the call established, the  callee will be muted.  HotLine allows user to call out a defined number automatically after hearing the dailtone without dialing any HotLine number.
  • Page 49 Echo Canceller: To remove acoustic echo from a voice Sections Description communication in order to improve the voice quality . Echo Canceller VAD (Voice Activity Detection): Allow IP phone to detect the presence or absence of human speech during a call. ...
  • Page 50: Phone->Key/Display

    activity resumes. The insertion of artificial noise gives the illusion of a constant transmission stream, so that background sound is consistent throughout the call and the listener does not think the line has released. Jitter buffer is a shared data area where voice packets can be collected, stored, and sent to the voice processor in even Jitter Buffer intervals.
  • Page 51 Allows user to assign specific feature to the designated soft Sections Description keys. Soft Key For softkey, the available features list: DND, Menu, MSG, Status, Book, Fwd, PickUp, Group, Pickup, Intercom, Speed Dial, History, Favorites, Redial, Call Return, Hot Desking, XML Browser. Allows user to assign specific feature to the designated function keys.
  • Page 52: Phone->Ring Tones

    5.11.Phone->Ring tones Path: Web UI->Phone->Ringtones Allow user to upload and view ringtone files or delete Sections Description uploaded ringtone files. All Ringtones Note: Ringtone files must be .wav format and has some specific requirement, please contact to Akuvox technical support team for instructions how to make ringtone files. system ringtones files cannot be deleted thus user can only delete uploaded ringtones.
  • Page 53: Phone->Tones

    5.12.Phone->Tones Path: Web UI->Phone->Tones Tone Allows user to select a specialized tone sets (classified by Sections Description countries) or to customize own tones. Note: Available country tones sets are: China,Spain,Luxembourg,Sweden,Taiwan,Belgium,Denmark,Fi nland,Germany,Netherlands,Norway,Portugal. 5.13.Phone->Dial Plan->Replace Rule Path: Web UI->Phone->Dial Plan->Replace Rule...
  • Page 54: Phone ->Dial Plan->Dial Now

    Allow user to select Replace rule or Dial-now to display or edit. Sections Description Allow user to modify selected rules information, for replace Rules rule, you can modify related accounts, prefix and replace. Rules Modify Area codes are also known as NPAs (Numbering Plan Areas). They usually indicate different geographical areas within one Area Code country.
  • Page 55: Phone ->Action Url

    Allow user to select Replace rule or Dial-now to display or edit. Sections Description Allow user configure dial now delay time for dial now. Rules It means user can configure the IP phone to dial out the Dial Now Delay phone number automatically after the designated delay time if it match any dial now rule.
  • Page 56 To display and configure Action URL settings. Sections Description Setup Completed: When the IP phone completes startup. Action URL Registered: When the IP phone successfully registers an account.  Unregistered: When the IP phone logs off the registered account.  Register Failed: When the IP phone fails to register an ...
  • Page 57 account. Off Hook: When the IP phone is off hook. On Hook: When the IP phone is on hook.  Incoming Call: When the IP phone receives an incoming  call.  Outgoing Call: When the IP phone places a call. Established: When the IP phone establishes a call.
  • Page 58: Phonebook->Local Phone Book

    to idle. 5.16.PhoneBook->Local Phone Book Path: Web UI->PhoneBook->Local Book To display and select local contact type. Sections Description All Contacts: To display or edit all local contacts. Contact Favorites: To display or edit favorites contacts.  ...
  • Page 59: Phone Book->Remote Phone Book

    Black List: To display black list contacts. To search designated contacts from local phonebook.  To dial out a call or hangup an ongoing call from Web UI. Search Note: For this feature, you need to have the remote control Dial privilege to control IP phone via Web UI.
  • Page 60: Phone Book->Call Log

    configure. Local Book URL: To configure remote book server address Local Book Name: To configure display remote book name on Phone UI Note: IP phone support at most 5 remote books. Please refer to your administrator for how to establish a remote book server and how to create remote book xml file.
  • Page 61: Phone Book->Ldap

    control privilege to control IP phone via Web UI. Please refer to section “Remote Control” in the Web UI->Phone->Call Feature page. 5.19.Phone Book->LDAP Path: Web UI->PhoneBook->LDAP To display and configure LDAP phonebook settings. Sections Description Name Filter: The settings used to tell LDAP server what LDAP name attributes to search.
  • Page 62: Phone Book->Broadsoft

    User Name: To configure user name for accessing LDAP server.  Password: To configure password for accessing LDAP server.  Name Attribute: To configure which name attributes should be feedback from LDAP server.  Number Attribute: To configure which number attributes should be feedback from LDAP server.
  • Page 63 To display and configure Broadsoft PhoneBook settings. Sections Description PhoneBook Item: To select specific item to configure. Broadsoft PhoneBook Display Name: The name displayed at IP phone’s LCD  screen when accessed via Phone UI. Server Address: Broadsoft PhoneBook server’s address. Server Port: Broadsoft PhoneBook server’s port.
  • Page 64: Upgrade->Basic

    5.21.Upgrade->Basic Path: Web UI->Upgrade->Basic To select upgrading rom file from local or a remote server Sections Description automatically. Upgrade Note: Please make sure it’s right file format for right model. To display firmware version, firmware version starts with MODEL name. Firmware version To display Hardware version.
  • Page 65 To display and configure PNP setting for Auto Provisioning. Sections Description PNP: Plug and Play, once PNP is enabled, the phone will PNP Option send SIP subscription message to PNP server  automatically to get Auto Provisioning server’s address. By default, this SIP message is sent to multicast address server address by standard).
  • Page 66: Security->Basic

    User name: Configure if server needs an username to access, otherwise left blank.  Password: Configure if server needs a password to access, otherwise left blank.  Common AES Key: Used for IP phone to decipher common Auto Provisioning configuration file. ...
  • Page 67: Security->Advanced

    To modify user’s password. Sections Description Current Password: The current password you used. Web Password Modify New Password: Input new password you intend to use.  Confirm Password: Repeat the new password.  Note: For now, IP phone can only support user admin. ...
  • Page 68 To display or delete Certificate which is used when IP phone is Sections Description connected from any incoming HTTPs request. Web Server Certificate Note: The default certificate could not be deleted. To upload a certificate file which will be used as server certificate.
  • Page 69: Troubleshooting

    6.Troubleshooting Check the AC power adapter. Make sure it is the one provided in your package. Issue 1:The LCD does not light up Check the power outlet. Make sure that the power that outlet you are plugging your  device into is working. Try to plug a different device into the socket to make sure it has ...
  • Page 70: Appendix : Time Zones

    7.Appendix : Time Zones −11:00 Samoa Time Zone Time Zone Name −10:00 United States-Hawaii-Aleutian −10:00 United States-Alaska-Aleutian −09:00 United States-Alaska Time −08:00 Canada(Vancouver, Whitehorse) −08:00 Mexico(Tijuana, Mexicali) −08:00 United States-Pacific Time −07:00 Canada(Edmonton, Calgary) −07:00 Mexico(Mazatlan, Chihuahua) −07:00 United States-Mountain Time −07:00 United States-MST no DST −06:00...
  • Page 71 −03:00 Denmark-Greenland(Nuuk) Time Zone Time Zone Name −03:00 Argentina(Buenos Aires) −03:00 Brazil(no DST) −03:00 Brazil(DST) −02:00 Brazil(no DST) −01:00 Portugal(Azores) Greenland Denmark-Faroe Islands(Torshavn) Ireland(Dublin) Portugal(Lisboa, Porto, Funchal) Spain-Canary Islands(Las Palmas) United Kingdom(London) Morocco +01:00 Albania(Tirane) +01:00 Austria(Vienna) +01:00 Belgium(Brussels) +01:00 Caicos +01:00 Chatam...
  • Page 72 +02:00 Finland(Helsinki) Time Zone Time Zone Name +02:00 Gaza Strip(Gaza) +02:00 Greece(Athens) +02:00 Israel(Tel Aviv) +02:00 Jordan(Amman) +02:00 Latvia(Riga) +02:00 Lebanon(Beirut) +02:00 Moldova(Kishinev) +02:00 Russia(Kaliningrad) +02:00 Romania(Bucharest) +02:00 Syria(Damascus) +02:00 Turkey(Ankara) +02:00 Ukraine(Kyiv, Odessa) +03:00 East Africa Time +03:00 Iraq(Baghdad) +03:00 Russia(Moscow) +03:30...
  • Page 73 +08:00 China(Beijing) Time Zone Time Zone Name +08:00 Singapore(Singapore) +08:00 Australia(Perth) +09:00 Korea(Seoul) +09:00 Japan(Tokyo) +09:30 Australia(Adelaide) +09:30 Australia(Darwin) +10:00 Australia(Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra) +10:00 Australia(Brisbane) +10:00 Australia(Hobart) +10:00 Russia(Vladivostok) +10:30 Australia(Lord Howe Islands) +11:00 New Caledonia(Noumea) +12:00 New Zealand(Wellington, Auckland) +12:45 New Zealand(Chatham Islands) +13:00...