Before Use - Sanyo DC-F21 Instruction Manual

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If water should enter the unit, electrical shock or malfunction
result. Always use it in a place where there is low humidity and little
Do not use where there are extremes of temperature
(below 5°C or
exceeding 35"C) or where direct sunlight may strike it.
Because of the CD player's extremely low noise and wide dynamic
range, there might be a tendency to set the volume on the amplifier
high. Doing so may produce
an excessively
output from the amplifier which could damage your speakers.
Sudden changes in the ambient temperature may cause condensation
to form on the optical lens inside the unit. If this happens, take out the
disc, leave the unit for about 1 hour, and then proceed to operate.
When carrying the unit, be sure to remove any discs which may
be inside and turn the power off. The STANDBY indicator lights.
Then unplug the mains lead from the AC outlet. Carrying the unit
with any discs inside may damage the discs andlor the unit.
Thesystem's speakers use powerful magnets. Do not place timepieces,
credit cards, cassette tapes or video tapes, etc. near the speakers.
Before use
Remove the shipping screw from the rear of the unit as shown in
figure. This screw is used to secure the CD mechanism during shipment
and should be retained for future use as shown in figure.
(For UK)
(For AU)
If the plug supplied with this equipment
is not suitable for the socket
outlets in your home it should be cut off and replaced with the correct
Disposal of Plug
If the non rewireable plug is to be cut off, the removed plug should be
disposed of carefully as there is a shock hazard should the plug be
inserted into a live socket.
Replacing Fuse
The detachable fuse cover must be replaced after changing the fuse.
Only a 3A fuse should be used and should comply with BSI 362 and
should carry the ASTA mark@.
The wires in the mains lead are coloured
in accordance
with the
following code;
The wires in the mains lead must be connected to the terminals in the
plug as follows;
Wire colour
Plug terminal marking
N or Black or Blue
L or Red or Brown
Do not connect either wire to the earth terminal.
If the mains plug contains a fuse this should be 3A, if a plug without a
fuse is used the distribution
board fuse should not be greater than 5A.
The unit is notdisconnected
from the mains unless it is unplugged from
the AC outlet.
Do not install this equipment in a confined space, such as a book case
or built in cabinet.
Before transportation
Turn on the power and remove all discs from the unit.
Turn the power off, The STANDBY
indicator lights.
Then unplug the mains lead from the AC outlet.
Reinstall the shipping screw as shown in figure.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents