Sanyo VCC-6574P Instruction Manual

Color ccd camera
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About this manual
Before installing and using the camera, please read this
manual carefully. Be sure to keep it handy for later reference.
Über diese Bedienungsanleitung
Lesen Sie bitte vor der Montage und dem Inbetriebnehmen der
Kamera zuerst diese Bedienungsanleitung sorgfältig durch und
bewahren Sie sie zum späteren Nachschlagen auf.
A propos de ce manuel
Avant d'installer et d'utiliser la caméra, veuillez lire ce
manuel attentivement. Gardez-le à portée de main
pour toute référence ultérieure.


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Sanyo VCC-6574P

  • Page 1 INSTRUCTION MANUAL VCC-6574P BEDIENUNGSANLEITUNG MANUEL D’INSTRUCTIONS COLOUR CCD camera CCD-Farbkamera Caméra CCD COULEUR About this manual A propos de ce manuel Before installing and using the camera, please read this Avant d’installer et d’utiliser la caméra, veuillez lire ce manual carefully.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Depending on the conditions of use, installation and environment, FEATURES please be sure to make the appropriate settings and adjustments. If you need help with installation and/or settings, please consult your dealer. • Built-in interline transfer method 1/3" CCD, approx. 470,000 picture elements CONTENTS •...
  • Page 3: Precautions

    Disconnect the power greasy smoke or steam, where the dampness may get too high, or cord immediately, and consult your dealer (or a Sanyo Authorized where there is a lot of dust.
  • Page 4: Parts Names

    PARTS NAMES Video output connector (VIDEO OUT: BNC type) Connect this connector to a device such as a VCR or monitor with a VIDEO IN connector. Line phase adjustment volume (LINE PHASE) When using two cameras or more, the image on the monitor may roll vertically when switching sources. This rolling can be minimized by turning this volume.
  • Page 5 PARTS NAMES Lens mount cap The cap is installed to protect the lens mount section. Remove the lens mount cap before installing a lens (sold separately). Flange-back adjustment screw (FLANGE BACK ADJ.) Flange-back lock screw (FLANGE BACK LOCK) Camera installation bracket The bracket can be fixed at the top or bottom of the camera.
  • Page 6 PARTS NAMES Lens iris output connector (LENS) This 4-pin connector is used to send the DC control signal and power supply to an auto-iris type lens. Camera setup section (under the cover) These settings are for when using a 1/3 inch CS mount DC (without EE internal amplifier) type lens. However, if due to installation conditions or environment the settings may need to be modified for best results (see "SETTINGS").
  • Page 7: Concerning Auto-Iris Lenses

    ALC and LEVEL volume level controls are available on the lens for iris adjustments. (Set the A.I. LENS switch to the VIDEO position.) Compatible auto-iris lenses 1/3 inch Sanyo DC type lens VIDEO type lens VCL-CS8LY: Standard angle, f= 8 mm...
  • Page 8: Mounting The Lens

    MOUNTING THE LENS Please use a DC type auto-iris lens (sold separately). Check the lens mount Do not use a lens if the length “ ” is more than mm. That may damage the camera and prevent proper installation. C mount type lens Remove the lens mount cap from the camera.
  • Page 9 MOUNTING THE LENS Rewiring the lens cable in the lens iris plug Prepare the lens cable. Cut the cable at the plug, then remove approx. 8 mm of the cable sheath and strip about 2 mm from each wire. Install the lens iris plug. Solder the cable to the pins following the correct pin layout (refer to the table and illustrations), then close the plug cover.
  • Page 10: Connections

    CONNECTIONS AC 24 V connection Push to insert the cable AC 24 V (Video signal connections) : VIDEO IN : VIDEO OUT Basic connection for monitoring or recording The peripheral devices (VCR, monitor, lens, etc.), AC adaptor Insert the plug of this power cord into a wall outlet. and cables are sold separately.
  • Page 11: Settings

    SETTINGS The illustration shows the factory default settings for the switches in the camera setup section. The camera settings are described on the assumption that a DC type auto iris lens is being used. If you are using a VIDEO type auto iris lens, be sure to read the Note which is given.
  • Page 12 SETTINGS High speed electronic shutter setting Iris function setting Normally, the speed setting switches for the high speed electronic This should normally be set to the down (AI) position. shutter are all set to the down (OFF) position. This sets the electronic Use a manual or fixed iris lens and set the lens aperture to the shutter speed to 1/50 sec.
  • Page 13 SETTINGS When using an auto-iris lens (for indoor/outdoor use) Set the switch 4 (IRIS) to the down (AI) position. CAUTION: If conditions are outside the electronic iris operation range or more than the maximum illumination, it will cause saturation of the CCD. In that case, use a manual iris lens.
  • Page 14: Backlight Compensation Setting

    SETTINGS (MULTI mode: 64 sections) Backlight compensation setting Use an auto-iris lens and set the switch 7 to the up (ON) position, to engage the backlight compensation function. This camera has two different backlight correction functions: multi-spot photometry (MULT) and center focus photometry (CENT). The normal setting (switch 6) is the down (MULT) position, but you can change the switch 6 setting in accordance with the...
  • Page 15: White Balance Adjustment

    SETTINGS White balance adjustment Line phase adjustment Normally the switch 8 (WB) is set to the down (ATW: auto white When using a camera switcher to connect 2 cameras or more to one balance) position and the white balance is adjusted automatically. If a monitor, there may be a vertical roll of the images when switched.
  • Page 16 SETTINGS Lens iris adjustment If using a DC type auto-iris lens, you will need to set the LEVEL (VR301) volume when shooting in the conditions described below. VR301 L (counterclockwise): To decrease the contrast H (clockwise): To increase the contrast •...
  • Page 17: Troubleshooting

    This camera is a precision instruments and if treated with care, will provide years of satisfactory performance. However, in the event of a problem, the owner is advised not to attempt to make repairs or open the cabinet. Servicing should always be referred to your dealer or Sanyo Authorized Service Centre.
  • Page 18: Specifications

    MULT/CENT switching (Active when the cabinet. Servicing should always be referred to your dealer or using an auto-iris lens) Sanyo Authorized Service Centre. Iris function : Manual EI/AI switching Electronic iris range : 1.0 lux to 50,000 lux (F 1.2 lens)
  • Page 19 SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions 1/4”–20 UNC 12.6 22.4 Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notice or obligations. English...
  • Page 20 Sanyo Electric Co, Ltd. 1AC6P1P2399-- Printed in Japan L53X4/XE (0101KPS-DSP) a...

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