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Mac Os 9.X/Mac Os; Linux 2.4; Notices - Acer USB2.0 Flash Stick User Manual

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Mac OS 9.x/Mac OS X
Start your Apple PC
Insert ACER USB 2.0 Flash Stick to your Apple PC's USB interface, the computer's desk
will appear a disk symbol " Untitled" (picture 3.6), that is the ACER USB 2.0 Flash Stick disk
symbol. After it, you can use it like usual hard disk. When you need to pull it out, please
draw the symbol to the bin firstly and then pull it out, or the document and data in the ACER
USB 2.0 Flash Stick will be lost.
Linux 2.4.x
1) Turn on your computer.
2) Insert the ACER USB 2.0 Flash Stick to the computer's USB interface, Login as root, type
order: mount/dev/sda/mnt, This order will put the ACER USB 2.0 Flash Stick to the directory
of " /mnt". "/mnt" is a directory made by user.
Notice: When you type sda item of the order mount/dev/sda/mnt, there are maybe
some changes because the using of computer or fresh memory card. Please follow
the orders of Linux to operate.
3) Type the order: umout /mnt before pull out the ACER USB 2.0 Flash Stick. This order is used
for uninstall ACER USB 2.0 Flash Stick You must use this order , or your document will be
lost. The order "/mnt" is corresponding to the upper "/mnt"


1) The operation in Windows 98 will be applied to Win98 1st and 2nd edition.
2) ACER USB2.0 Flash Stick will not guarantee its normal operation for all computers. And
please follow the normal operation while you use that. We will not answer for any lost for
using ACER USB2.0 Flash Stick. If any dispute please follow the relative law.
3) Switch HOLD key in to un-hold mode before you plug in computer USB for Read/ Write



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