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Introduction; Introduction Of Acer Usb2.0 Flash Stick - Acer USB2.0 Flash Stick User Manual

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Guide of ACER USB 2.0 Flash Stick

1 Introduction

1.1 Introduction of Acer USB2.0 Flash Stick

ACER USB 2.0 Flash Stick, a mass storage flash memory card, comes from interface
technology of USB 2.0, which is plug-and-play, electronic writing protection, high speed
It is very convenient to use "ACER USB 2.0 Flash Stick" and can be run on several
operation systems such as Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Mac OS
9.1, Linux 2,4x and above without any physical drive equipment and extra power; it can realize
the mobile storage of data without influenced by the host computer, universal, huge storage.
1.1.1 The main capability index
Maximum data reading speed: 9MB/S
Minimum data writing speed: 4MB/S
Without installing driver(exclude Windows 98)
With no physical driver
Accord with the standard USB 2.0/1.1
Without extra power, just from general USB cable
Huge capacity with categories
With the switch of reading protection, no document rubout happens or virus
LED light indicates the working state
Small body
Very light: about 26 mg
1.1.2 ACER USB 2.0 Flash Stick overview



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