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Mac Os 9.X/Mac Os - Acer USB 2.0 Flash Stick User Manual


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Under the Windows Me/ 2000/XP, the bottom right of screen will show a icon, it
means ACER USB 2.0 Flash Stick.( picture 3.2)
After then, you can use ACER USB 2.0 Flash Stick like traditional hard disk. You can copy,
edit, and delete the document. When it is working, the indicator light glints quickly. And
after data reading finish, the light will stop glinting.
Notice: Don't pull out the ACER USB 2.0 Flash Stick when the light is still glinting, or your
data will be destroyed.
Please do as follows when you finish the work and want to pull out the flash
memory card. There are some differences for the operation systems:
Window 98: You can pull out flash memory card from the computer directly only if the
indicator stop glinting.
Windows Me/2000/XP: You need to use the left of mouse to click the disk symbol on
the right of screen, and it will appear a menu: " Safely remove USB Mass Storage Device"
as follows:
click this menu and the system will show another window to tell you" USB Mass Storage
Device can be removed safely from the system" as the follow:
Then click "Enter" to close this window. After this, you can pull out the ACER USB 2.0
Flash Stick safely. The disk symbol will disappear in seconds.
3.2 Mac OS 9.x/Mac OS X
Start your Apple PC
Insert ACER USB 2.0 Flash Stick to your Apple PC's USB interface, the computer's
desk will appear a disk symbol " Untitled" (picture 3.6), that is the ACER USB 2.0 Flash
Stick disk symbol. After it, you can use it like usual hard disk. When you need to pull it out,
please draw the symbol to the bin firstly and then pull it out, or the document and data in


Table of Contents

Table of Contents