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80-B6426-2ES, Rev. -


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  • Page 1 80-B6426-2ES, Rev. -
  • Page 2 5,781,856 5,781,867 5,784,406 5,784,532 5,790,589 This manual is based on the production version of the 5,790,632 5,793,338 D397,110 5,799,005 5,799,254 QCP 2035 phone. Software changes may have occurred 5,802,105 5,805,648 5,805,843 5,812,036 5,812,094 after this printing. Kyocera reserves the right to make...
  • Page 3 SAR value shown is worst case value requirements for exposure to radio waves. for a QCP 2035. A typical SAR value for QCP 2035 Your wireless phone is a radio transmitter and when tested for use at the ear is 1.13 W/kg and when receiver.
  • Page 4 * In the United States and Canada, the SAR limit for Aircraft—FCC regulations prohibit using your phone on a mobile phones used by the public is 1.6 watts/kg (W/kg) plane that is in the air. Turn your phone off before averaged over one gram of tissue.
  • Page 5 Resetting the phone Radio frequency (RF) energy If the screen seems frozen and the keypad does not Your telephone is a radio transmitter and receiver. respond to keypresses, return it to the dealer for When it is on, it receives and sends out RF energy. service.
  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    ONTENTS Getting Started..... . 1 Installing the battery ... 1 Screen icons .
  • Page 7: Getting Started

    Note— towards the bottom of charge the battery (see page 7). the phone. User’s Guide for the QCP 2035 Phone Lay the keypad flat inside the faceplate. Align the slots in the phone to the...
  • Page 8 Jack for Hands-free headset (sold separately) only. (item 9) to select Menu. Home screen. Press Clear key erases the last character in text entry, or returns to the previous menu. Navigator key adjusts volume when in a call; scrolls up, down, left, or right through lists and menus; and positions the cursor during text entry.
  • Page 9: Screen Icons

    The phone is outside of its home area. You have a new text message, voicemail message, or page. User’s Guide for the QCP 2035 Phone Enhanced CDMA voice privacy is on, if available from your service provider. This icon also indicates when you are in a secure web browser session.
  • Page 10: Menus

    Menus • Messaging • Accessories To view any of these menus from the home screen, press to select Menu • Alarm Clock Press left or right to see different • Tip Calculator menus. From any menu, press • Calculator select a menu option. •...
  • Page 11: Basic Functions

    To silence the ringer or alert and analog service at 800 MHz. • To silence the ringer or stop the User’s Guide for the QCP 2035 Phone . ¤ and the home screen appear when the phone is turned on and is ready to make or receive a call.
  • Page 12 the call. (To silence all sounds, see “Silence All” on page 17). To mute and unmute during a call • To turn Mute on, press • To turn Mute off, press to select UnMute. To adjust the volume To lock the keypad •...
  • Page 13: Battery

    If you experience this User’s Guide for the QCP 2035 Phone appear on the screen. Press any key to short-circuit the battery.
  • Page 14 condition, charge the battery to make an analog call. • The earpiece and ringer volume Tips for improving battery performance Before using your phone, fully charge the battery. The following functions may drain the battery more quickly: • Backlighting is frequently on. (To •...
  • Page 15: Contacts

    Save -or- • Press right, then press to select Options . Press up or User’s Guide for the QCP 2035 Phone down to select an option from the list: – Save— Save information and return to the home screen. –...
  • Page 16 -or- If you want to continue entering information, select another option. To erase information from a contact card You can also save a phone number through the Contacts directory as follows: From the home screen, select Menu Contacts Add New Select Phone Number Enter the phone number up to as...
  • Page 17: Speed Dialing And 1-touch Dialing

    Speed dialing and 1-Touch Dialing Speed dialing and 1-Touch Dialing allow you to quickly dial a stored phone User’s Guide for the QCP 2035 Phone Open a saved contact card. Select the phone number to assign a speed dialing location.
  • Page 18: Working With The Recent Calls List

    To speed dial types may not be available on all phones. • From the home screen, enter the one- Check with your service provider.) or two-digit speed dialing number and press To call your voicemail number • From the home screen after receiving a notification, press and hold your voicemail speed dialing number.
  • Page 19: Entering Letters, Numbers, And Symbols

    • To capitalize the first letter of each word, press three times ( appears). User’s Guide for the QCP 2035 Phone Note— If you are sending a new or preformatted text message (see page 30), indicates that the first letter of each sentence is capitalized.
  • Page 20 To use text entry modes • Press a key several times to cycle To enter letters in mode: Press the key once for the first letter, twice for the second letter, and so on. After the cursor moves right, enter To change language and enter special the next letter.
  • Page 21 For example, you could enter a phone number, then a pause, then User’s Guide for the QCP 2035 Phone Enter the first portion of the phone number. Press right through the list of options at the bottom of the screen.
  • Page 22: Settings

    ETTINGS The Settings menu includes the following options. Silence All • No, normal Display • Yes, vibe only • Yes, lights only • Information Keyguard • Guard Now • 30s auto-guard • 1m auto-guard • 5m auto-guard Security • Auto-guard off Sounds •...
  • Page 23: Silence All

    You can silence all phone sounds, including the ringer and all alerts, while leaving the phone on. You can replace the sounds by setting the phone to vibrate or light up and flash. User’s Guide for the QCP 2035 Phone Select Menu Settings Silence All...
  • Page 24: Sounds

    • Auto-guard off— Unlock the keypad and returns it to normal. Shortcut— To turn keyguard on from the home screen, press up and hold To turn keyguard off • Press Sounds You may change the alert sounds your phone makes. •...
  • Page 25 Menu Settings Security Change Lock Code A message appears: “Change Lock Code?” User’s Guide for the QCP 2035 Phone • Select and enter a new code, then press . Enter your new lock code again to verify it. • Select...
  • Page 26: Call Information

    To reset the phone Browser Timer • Select Menu Settings Security This timer displays the total duration of Phone Reset data calls you have made. Press – Select to cancel. select – Select to reset the phone. A Network message appears: “Reset ALL Use this setting to view or change options phone settings?”...
  • Page 27 You are alerted Note— with three tones, decreasing in the screen, regardless of these settings. intensity, when service is lost. User’s Guide for the QCP 2035 Phone When service is acquired again, you will hear three tones in increasing intensity. •...
  • Page 28: Extras

    Data/Fax Calls In Browser Prompt These settings tell the phone how to You may receive a prompt whenever you handle voice and data calls. attempt to start or exit the browser. Select Menu Settings Network Data/Fax Calls In Press to select an option: Voice Only—...
  • Page 29 • Disabled— Messages are not erased. • Old InBox— Old, read messages are automatically erased. User’s Guide for the QCP 2035 Phone Select Menu Settings Messaging then the type of alert ( Voicemail Alert Page Alert...
  • Page 30: Accessories

    • Low beep once— The phone beeps once at a low volume when a message is received. • Low beeps— The phone beeps every five minutes at a low volume until the message is acknowledged by Note— pressing , or selecting may drain the battery more quickly.
  • Page 31: Tools

    Menu Tools Tip Calculator ³ Enter the amount of your bill and press User’s Guide for the QCP 2035 Phone Select the amount you want to 15%, 18%, 20%, 10%, 5%, include as a tip ( Other ) and press Your total bill, including tip, is calculated and displayed.
  • Page 32: Countdown Timer

    volume set for alerts, when that amount Inserts the addition character after the last number entered. of time has elapsed. Inserts the multiplication character after the last number entered. Inserts the decimal point after the last number entered. Clears all numbers entered and displays a zero.
  • Page 33: Brick Attack

    To move the paddle, press left or right. If an incoming call alert is received, the game is paused and exited. You can return to play once the incoming call alert is ended. User’s Guide for the QCP 2035 Phone...
  • Page 34: Messages

    ESSAGES To check voicemail You can receive, send, and erase messages. Check with your service You can check your voicemail in any of provider for features available in your the following ways. area. Note— • New, unread messages are stored in been pre-programmed into your phone.
  • Page 35: Sending Messages

    – Forward— Forward message to the sender, if their address is available. User’s Guide for the QCP 2035 Phone – Done— Return to the Text InBox. Press to see information such as callback number, email address, or URL.
  • Page 36 To send a new message Select Menu Messages Send New Enter the phone number or email address of the person to whom you are sending the message, or select Contacts to select a phone number or email address from a contact. Press to select Next...
  • Page 37: Message Delivery Options

    (page 30), you can select when to send it. Once the selected, complete this step: User’s Guide for the QCP 2035 Phone option, do one of the to select from the options at the bottom of the screen.
  • Page 38: Erasing Messages

    To erase messages one at a time • Select from a list of options for when to send the message ( 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, 12 hours, 1 day, 2 days, 3 days The message is scheduled for delivery and stored in your Text OutBox Note—...
  • Page 39 Your phone will try to send the message again later. If a message cannot be delivered, an alert appears. Press to select User’s Guide for the QCP 2035 Phone...
  • Page 40: Web Browser

    ROWSER Web Browser options You can use your phone to browse the Internet if you have obtained phone The following options may appear on Internet services from your service your screen: provider and if over-the-air Internet • access is available in your area. •...
  • Page 41: Indicators And Alerts

    • Links are identified with an underline Alerts. These short messages allow you to and an arrow: quickly access information on the Internet. Your weekend weather will be warm and sunny, with highs in the 70s ... User’s Guide for the QCP 2035 Phone...
  • Page 42: Troubleshooting

    ROUBLESHOOTING What is my lock code? How do I erase recent calls? The default lock code is usually either See “To erase recent calls” on page 19. 0000 or the last four digits of your phone What do the icons on the top of the screen number.
  • Page 43 Kyocera Wireless Corp. Customer Care Center as follows: • Web site: • Email: phone-help@kyocera- User’s Guide for the QCP 2035 Phone Canada only) or (858) 882-1400. you are experiencing. problem. (ESN). To find the ESN, remove the battery as follows: Hold the phone face down with the antenna pointing down.
  • Page 44 Tilt the phone to remove the battery. The ESN is visible after the battery is removed. It should start with “179-” or “B3-.” Replace the battery as follows: Extend the antenna. Place the battery into the phone with the metal contacts facing down and towards the bottom of the phone.
  • Page 45: Index

    NDEX Numerics 1-Touch Dialing, 11 Clear key, 2 contact Alarm Clock, 25 alerts, 23, 35 analog mode, 20 answering calls, 5 backlighting, 16 Contacts directory power, 17, 24 battery care and safety, 7 Countdown Timer, 26 performance, 8 removing, 37 data/fax setup, 22 replacing, 37 dialing...
  • Page 46 removing, 38 replacing, 38 French characters, 14 hanging up, 5 hard pause, 15 icons, 3 mode InBox, Text, 28 Internet browser, 34 mute, 6 Keyguard, 17 keypad navigator key, 2 locking, 6, 17 Net Alerts, 35 unlocking, 6, 18 OutBox,Text, 28 languages, 14 letters pauses...
  • Page 47 power-save mode, 7 text Recent Calls list description of, 12 dialing from, 13 Text InBox, 28 viewing, 12 Text OutBox, 28 redial last number called, 12 timed pause, 15 resetting the phone, v roaming, 21 unlocking safety, v saving a phone number, 9 unmute, 6 screen icons, 3 secret phone numbers, 9...

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