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KVH Industries KVH TracVision TracVision G6 User Manual

Kvh industries satellitetelevision user's guide tracvision g6.
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A Guide to TracVision G6
user's guide
Operating Instructions




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    A Guide to TracVision G6 user’s guide Operating Instructions •...

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    Internet: If you have any comments regarding this manual, please e-mail them to Your input is greatly appreciated! © 2004, KVH Industries, Inc. All rights reserved. KVH Europe A/S Ved Klaedebo 12 2970 Hoersholm Denmark Tel: +45 45 16 01 80...

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    KVH Industries, Inc. ™ ™ GyroTrac and TracNet are trademarks of KVH Industries, Inc. ® (Digital Video Broadcasting) is a registered trademark of the DVB Project. ® DIRECTV is an official trademark of DIRECTV, Inc., a unit of GM Hughes Electronics.

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Introduction ........1 TracVision G6 System Overview ..... . .3 TracVision G6 Components .

  • Page 5: Introduction

    1 – Introduction This section provides a basic overview of the TracVision G6 system. It explains how the system works and describes the function of each component. Contents TracVision G6 System Overview ......3 TracVision G6 Components .

  • Page 6: Tracvision G6 System Overview

    TracVision G6 System Overview A complete satellite TV system, illustrated in Figure 1-1, includes the TracVision G6 antenna unit connected to the GyroTrac digital gyro-stabilized sensor, Advanced Digital Control Unit (ADCU), an IRD (satellite TV receiver), and a television set.

  • Page 7

    TracVision G6 User’s Guide TracVision G6’s default satellite pairs are: N. America (US DIRECTV): DSS_101 & DSS_119 Europe: Astra 1 & Hotbird WB L. America (DIRECTV LA): Galaxy 8W & None Table 1-1 Available Satellite Pairs - North America (U.S.-style LNB required) DSS_101 DSS_119 Echo_61...

  • Page 8: Tracvision G6 Components

    Introduction TracVision G6 Components Your TracVision G6 system includes the following components: Antenna Unit The antenna unit houses the antenna positioning mechanism, low noise block (LNB), power supply, and control elements within a molded ABS radome. Weathertight connectors on the bottom of the baseplate join the power, signal, and control cabling from belowdecks units.

  • Page 9: Using Your Tracvision G6

    2 – Using Your TracVision G6 This section explains everything you need to know to operate your TracVision G6 system. All operations are controlled through a simple user interface. Contents Receiving Satellite Signals ........9 Turning On the System .

  • Page 10: Receiving Satellite Signals

    Receiving Satellite Signals For TracVision G6 to receive satellite TV signals, the antenna must have a clear line of sight to the satellite. If you only receive intermittent signals or the antenna cannot find the satellite, check around your vessel for any objects that could be blocking the signal, such as other vessels, trees, buildings, other onboard equipment, etc.

  • Page 11: Turning On The System

    TracVision G6 User’s Guide To minimize the time it takes the antenna to acquire the satellite, do not change the channel during the startup process or cable unwrap. GPS must be turned on first if TracVision G6 is to use the GPS position data.

  • Page 12: Changing Channels And Switching To The Second Satellite

    Changing Channels and Switching to the Second Satellite TracVision G6 can have a pair of satellites installed, either one of which can be the active satellite selection. There are several methods of selecting whether your TracVision G6 will track Satellite A or Satellite B based upon your location, type of install, IRD, and selected satellite service.

  • Page 13: Watching Television

    TracVision G6 User’s Guide Switching Satellites Using the ADCU If you’re unable to switch between satellites using the IRD remote control, use the ADCU front panel buttons to select between Satellite A and Satellite B. Press the left button to select Satellite A and the right button to select Satellite B.

  • Page 14: Internet Access

    Sleep Mode When the vessel has come to a stop and holds its position for one minute (e.g., at a dock), the antenna unit enters Sleep Mode, which locks the antenna in place to conserve power. As soon as the vessel moves beyond a 1° - 2° window, or the RF level changes significantly, Sleep Mode automatically turns off and the system begins tracking the satellite again (or enters Search mode to find the satellite).

  • Page 15: Using The Adcu Interface

    3 – Using the ADCU Interface This section explains how to use some basic ADCU functions. You will use the ADCU to operate, control, and monitor the TracVision G6 and GyroTrac. Contents ADCU Interface Functions ....... . .17 Setting Display Brightness .

  • Page 16: Adcu Interface Functions

    ADCU Interface Functions All TracVision G6 and GyroTrac operations are controlled and monitored using the ADCU. An LCD display shows navigation and configuration data and three soft keys enable you to perform a multitude of menu-driven tasks. LCD Display Soft Keys During the TracVision G6 installation process, the GyroTrac and the satellite selections should have been configured to your specifications as detailed in the TracVision G6 Technical Manual.

  • Page 17

    GyroTrac Advanced Digital Control Unit (ADCU) Menu Quick Reference Guide ™ Compass Displays* ADCU Primary Display Options Magnetic Heading ###.#° SELECTED DISPLAY Select Installed Select Installed * True North Display requires GPS data Satellite A Satellite B Enter GyroTrac Mode Menus GyroTrac Mode Menus Setup display type? Setup data outputs?

  • Page 18: Setting Display Brightness

    Setting Display Brightness The ADCU display’s brightness may be adjusted to suit your preferences. Press the right key to make the display brighter, the left key to make it dimmer. When you are satisfied with the setting, press the center key to accept the setting. Refer to the Quick Reference Guide on page 18 this menu.

  • Page 19: Turning Sleep Mode On/off

    TracVision G6 User’s Guide Figure 3-4 Turning Sleep Mode On/Off Turning Sleep Mode On/Off When the vessel has come to a stop and the antenna holds its position for one minute (e.g., at a dock), the antenna unit enters Sleep Mode, which locks the antenna in place and conserves power.

  • Page 20: Installing A New Satellite Pair

    Installing a New Satellite Pair TracVision G6 permits two satellite services (Satellites A and B) to be installed simultaneously. There is also an option for NONE on Satellite B, permitting single satellite operation. Refer to the Quick Reference Guide on page 18 this menu.

  • Page 21: Selecting Active Satellite

    TracVision G6 User’s Guide Figure 3-6 Select Active Satellite Select Satellite? Enter at Name A corresponds to the first satellite selected Select <SAT NAME A> during the Install atellite process. <SAT NAME A> selected Figure 3-7 Select Active Satellite at the Main Display Selecting Active Satellite After installing the pair of satellites, use the Select Satellite menu to choose which of the installed satellites will be active.

  • Page 22: Troubleshooting

    4 – Troubleshooting This section identifies basic trouble symptoms and lists their possible causes and solutions. Contents Troubleshooting Matrix ........25 Causes and Remedies for Common Operational Issues .

  • Page 23: Troubleshooting Matrix

    Troubleshooting Matrix The troubleshooting matrix shown in Table 4-1 identifies some trouble symptoms, their possible causes, and references to troubleshooting solutions. 1 = Anyone can do 2 = Electronics know-how recommended 3 = Dealer service recommended SYMPTOM Antenna non-functional Antenna not switching satellites No picture on TV set Certain channels do not work Intermittent picture for short intervals...

  • Page 24: Causes And Remedies For Common Operational Issues

    TracVision G6 User’s Guide If you need help troubleshooting your system, please contact an authorized KVH dealer. To find an authorized dealer near you, visit, or contact KVH directly at the numbers provided on the first page of this manual. Causes and Remedies for Common Operational Issues There are a number of common issues that can affect the signal...

  • Page 25

    Vessel Turning During Startup If the vessel turns during the 60-second startup and initialization sequence that occurs immediately after turning on the power to the TracVision G6, the antenna gyro will record that variable motion as “standing still.” This may cause the antenna to track improperly.

  • Page 26

    TracVision G6 User’s Guide Radar Interference The energy levels radiated by radar units can overload the antenna’s front-end circuits. Check with your installer to make certain that the TracVision G6 antenna unit is in the optimal location with regard to your radar unit. Satellite Frequency Data Changed If some channels work while one or more other channels do not, or if the antenna is unable to find the satellite, the selected...

  • Page 27: Gyrotrac-specific Issues

    GyroTrac-specific Issues The GyroTrac is designed for reliable, easy use. This section provides a brief overview of some potential operational issues. Issue 1: System is installed correctly and power is available, but the system is non-functional. Solution: The TracVision G6 Technical Manual provides detailed instructions for authorized service personnel who may be required to replace the ADCU fuse.

  • Page 28: Antenna Gyro And Lnb Faults

    TracVision G6 User’s Guide Antenna Gyro and LNB Faults The TracVision G6 Technical Manual provides detailed instructions for authorized service personnel who may be required to replace the antenna’s gyro or Low Noise Block (LNB). Contact your local KVH dealer or service center for assistance. 54-0161-01...

  • Page 29

    Limited Warranty on Hardware KVH Industries, Inc. warrants the KVH product purchased against defects in materials for a period of TWO (2) years and against factory labor costs for a period of ONE (1) year from the date of original retail purchase by the original purchaser.

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    Ved Klaedebo 12 2970 Hoersholm Denmark Phone: +1 401 847-3327 Fax: + 1 401 849-0045 Phone: +45 45 160 180 Fax: +45 45 867 077 E-mail: Internet: E-mail: Internet: ® and TracVision ® are registered trademarks of KVH Industries, Inc.

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