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Krups F 203 Instructions For Use Manual Page 6

Fast touch grinder.
Hide thumbs
Grinder lid
Power button
Grinding chamber
Motor base
Your Krups coffee grinder allows you to grind
your own coffee beans right in your own
home. With such a variety of coffee beans
available in supermarkets and gourmet shops,
owning the Fast-Touch Grinder is
sophisticated and economical. The best result,
however, is that you get fresh coffee, every
Light roasted beans seem to be the most
popular in North America, and dark roasts
have been associated more with the heavier
coffees, such as Espresso and Turkish. These
dark roast, however, can also be brewed for
«regular" coffee.
Coffee beans are also categorized as straight
coffees or blends. The straight coffees consist
of beans from a single area; blend consist of
beans from several areas, which sometimes
results in a superior coffee combination.
The best way to familiarize yourself with
coffee is to purchase small quantities of
several different varieties. Eventually, you will
learn which beans and blends suit your
personal taste. Perhaps you will soon start
blending your own «house blends"!
• Place the base unit (d) on a sturdy
•Fill the grinding chamber (c)1/2 to 3/4with
coffee beans (1).
• To calculate the amount of coffee beans to
use, keep in mind that whole coffee beans
yield the approximate equivalent in ground
coffee (i.e. 1/4 cup beans = approx. 1/4 cup
groung coffee. Refer to gringing chart for
suggested ratios).
• Place the lid (a) on the grinder base (2).
• Plug in the grinder. To start grinding, press
the power button (b) (3).
The power will only stay on as long as the
button or lid is pressed.
• The degree of fineness you desire will decide
how long you should grind. For example, a
coarse grind would require less grinding
time than a find grind.
Wait until the blades have completely
stopped before removing lid. Grinder
should be unplugged before removing
• When grinding is complete, unplug the unit.
Carefully remove the lid and pour the
ground coffee into a bowl or cannister. If
you are grinding a large amount of beans,
store the coffee in an airtight container.
Coffee Tips
• Purchase coffee beans in small quantities.
• Store coffee beans in an airtight container in
the freezer.
• Coffee beans do not need to thawed before
grinding and/or brewing.
• Large ground quantities should be stored in
an airtight container and placed in your
refrigerator or freezer to maintain freshness.
• Follow the recommandations of your
coffeemaker brand for brewing quantities.
Adjustments should be made to suit your
own personal taste.
Type of
4 Tbsp.
8 Tbsp.
10 Tbsp.
12 Tbsp.
Auto Drip
4 Tbsp.
4 Tbsp.
8 Tbsp.
8 Tbsp.
10 Tbsp.
10 Tbsp.
12 Tbsp.
12 Tbsp.

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