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Service; Normal Operating Sounds; Troubleshooting Guide; Before Calling For Service - U-Line WINE CAPTAIN U-1075WCS-00 Use And Care Manual

1000, 29 & 75 series wine captain models beverage centers refrigerators, freezers.
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8 Service

Before Calling for Service

If you think your U-Line product is malfunctioning, read the
OPERATION section of this guide to clearly understand the
function of the control.
If the problem persists, read the NORMAL OPERATING
SOUNDS and TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE section of this guide
to help you quickly identify common problems, and possible causes
and remedies. Most often, this will resolve the problem without
the need to call for service.

If Service is Required

If you do not understand a troubleshooting remedy, or your
product needs service, contact U-Line Corporation directly.
Contact information appears on the rear cover of this guide.
When you call, you will need your product Model and Serial
Numbers. This information can be recorded inside the front cover
of this guide. It also appears on the Model and Serial number plate
located on the upper right or rear wall of the interior of your

Replacement Parts

When you need replacement parts, always request genuine U-Line
replacements. U-Line designs and engineers products using
components that work efficiently, and provide superior service life
and performance. The use of aftermarket parts or components
may affect the safety, operation, performance or durability of your
product, and may also void its warranty.

Normal Operating Sounds

All models incorporate rigid foam insulated cabinets to provide
high thermal efficiency and maximum sound reduction for its
internal working components. Despite this technology, your model
may make sounds that are unfamiliar.
Normal operating sounds may be more noticeable because of the
unit's environment. Hard surfaces such as cabinets, wood, vinyl or
tiled floors and paneled walls have a tendency to reflect normal
appliance operating noises.
Listed below are common refrigeration components with brief
description of the normal operating sounds they make. NOTE:
Your product may not contain all the components listed.
• Compressor: The compressor makes a hum or pulsing sound
that may be heard when it operates.
• Evaporator: Refrigerant flowing through an evaporator may
sound like boiling liquid.
• Condenser Fan: Air moving through a condenser may be heard.
• Automatic Defrost Drain Pan: Water may be heard dripping or
running into the drain pan when the unit is in the defrost cycle.

Troubleshooting Guide

ELECTROCUTION HAZARD. Never attempt to repair or
perform maintenance on the unit until disconnecting the
main electrical power.
Troubleshooting - What to check when problems occur:
Interior Light
Does Not
Light Remains
on When Door
is Closed.
Unit Develops
Frost on
Unit Develops
on External
Product is
Product is Not
Cold Enough.
U-Line 10 Series Service
Possible Cause and Remedy
The light bulb may be defective.
Turn off light switch if equipped. (See OPERATION)
Adjust light actuator bracket on bottom of door.
Frost on the rear wall is normal and will melt during
each off cycle.
If there is excessive build-up of 1/4" or more,
manually defrost the unit.
Ensure the door is closing and sealing properly.
High ambient temperature and excessive humidity
can also produce frost.
The unit is exposed to excessive humidity, moisture
will dissipate as humidity levels decrease.
Product in contact with the rear wall may freeze,
ensure no product is touching the rear wall.
Adjust the temperature to a warmer set-point.
Air temperature does not indicate product
temperature. See OPERATION - Checking Product
Adjust the temperate to a cooler set-point.
Ensure unit is not located in excessive ambient
temperatures or in direct sunlight.
Ensure the door is closing and sealing properly.
Ensure the interior light has not remained on too
Ensure nothing is blocking the front grille, found at
the bottom of the unit.
Ensure the condenser coil is clean and free of any dirt
or lint build-up.


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