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Location And Function Of Controls; Front Panel; Rear Panel - LG GSA-H20L Owner's Manual

Super multi dvd drive
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Occasionally CD-R and CD-RW discs written by a CD-R/RW drive cannot be read by other CD drives*.
These unreadable discs may need to be read using the CD-R/RW drive they were created with
The disc written using the CD-R/RW drive might not be readable by CD-ROMs other than
Multi-read compatible (UDF compatible) CD-ROMs
Multiread compatible (UDF compatible) CD-ROMs are:
1. CD-ROMs that can read low reflectance.
Please note: Certain software (i.e. particularly those including Video playback) may require a
considerably increased specification PC to give acceptable results. While this Super Multi DVD
Drive can read DVD-video discs, decoding them to display on your pc's monitor requires
separate MPEG decoding that is done by separate hardware (either an MPEG decoder card or
MPEG decoding done by your video card), or separate software that you install to do MPEG
decoding. For further details, refer to the documentation that comes with MPEG software.
Install the appropriate CD Recording Authoring Software before using this unit.
* Please uninstall any previous CD burning software you may have loaded on your PC in
order to prevent possible compatibility issues. Once you have installed the application
software, you may (if you wish) begin to reinstall previous software, taking note for errors.
We recommend using the drive with the latest software as some problems encountered
when using the drive can be solved by updating the software.

Location and Function of Controls

Front Panel

1. Disc Tray
2. Emergency Eject Hole
3. Stop/Eject Button
4. Drive activity indicators
The LED used to indicate the operation of Super
Multi DVD Drive.
2 3
2. CD-ROMs that support Packet Write.

Rear Panel

1 2 3
1. Digital Audio Output Connector
This connector is not supported.
2. Analog Audio Output Connector
3. Jumper Connector
This jumper determines whether the drive is configured as
a master or slave. Changing the master-slave configuration
takes effect after power-on reset.
4. IDE Interface Connector
Connect to the IDE (Integrated Device Electronics)
Interface using a 40-pin flat IDE cable.
NOTE : Do not connect or disconnect the cable when
the power is on, as this could cause a short circuit and
damage the system. Always turn the power OFF when
connecting or disconnecting this cable.
5. Power Connector



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