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Brother Sewing Machine Operation Manual Page 97

Computerized embroidery and sewing machine.
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Turn the handwheel toward you
(counterclockwise) to check that the needle
correctly goes into the two holes of the button.
If it seems as if the needle will hit the button,
remeasure the distance between the holes in
the button. Adjust the stitch width to the
distance between the button holes.
● When sewing, be sure that the needle
does not touch the button, otherwise the
needle may bend or break.
Start sewing.
Set the sewing speed controller to the left (so
that the speed will be slow).
The sewing machine automatically stops
after sewing reinforcement stitches.
• Do not press
• If additional strength is needed to secure the
button, perform the button-sewing operation
Use scissors to cut the upper thread and the
bobbin thread at the beginning of the stitching.
Pull the upper thread at the end of the stitching
to the wrong side of the fabric, and then tie it
with the bobbin thread.
("Thread Cutter" button).
When you are finished attaching the button,
slide the drop feed lever to
as seen from the rear of the machine) and turn
the handwheel to raise the feed dogs.
The feed dog position switch is normally set
to the right side (as seen from the rear of
The feed dogs come up when you start
sewing again.
■ Attaching a shank to a button
To sew the button with a shank, attach the button
with space between it and the fabric, and then
wind the thread by hand. This attaches the button
Place the button into button-sewing foot "M",
and then pull the shank lever toward you.
a Shank lever
After sewing is finished, cut the upper thread
with plenty of excess, wind it around the
thread between the button and the fabric, and
then tie it to the upper thread at the beginning
of the stitching.
Tie together the ends of the bobbin thread at
the end and at the beginning of the stitching on
the wrong side of the fabric.
Cut off any excess thread.
Buttonhole Stitching/Button Sewing 95
(to the right


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