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Nokia 60 cm satellite dish Fitting Instructions Manual page 3


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Choosing a suitable position for the satellite dish
Select a position where the dish has a clear view in the direction of the
satellite. Buildings, trees, and other obstructions will seriously effect
reception by reducing or completely blocking the received signal.
Mounting of the dish
Check the contents of the dish pack and assemble according to
the following instructions. See figures on pages 12 to 13:
1. Attach the elevation bracket to the back structure.
2. Attach the "elevation screw" with plain washer and nut.
3. Tighten carefully leaving a little movement in order that you
still can carry out adjustments.
4. Affix the "mast U-bolt" with nuts.
5. Attach the LNB-arm in it's place in the rear mount and tighten with
the screw.
6. Mount the LNB in the holder and slide the holder onto the
Pre-adjustment of elevation angel.
Roughly adjust the elevation (tilt) angle to agree with correct
setting for the satellite concerned using the information provided
by the map on page 14 to 19. Graduations are provided on the
rear of the dish to give a rough approximation of elevation angle.
Installation of the dish on either wall-mount or pole.
Mount the dish assembly and tighten the screws gently in order
that adjustments can still be made.
Cable and connections
Install the co-axial between the receiver and the dish. Mount the
attached rubber boot to the cable. Fit F-connectors to either end
of the cable and connect to the LNB and receiver respectively
and the assembly is now complete.
Adjusting direction and elevation of the dish
Adjust the dish as accurately as possible, and using a compass,
so that it points in the direction of the satellite concerned. This
bearing is known as the azimuth angle and is given in the map
provided. Now connect the receiver and select a pre-pro-
grammed channel transmitted for the satellite you are receiving.
Swing the dish gently from side-to side until the clearest picture is
optained and check that the channel received is the correct one for the
programme position and that it is from the correct satellite. Now adjust
the dish until all noise in the picture is eliminated.
Finally tighten the fixing screws alternately making sure that
you do not disturb the setting of the dish.
Adjusting the polarisation of the LNB
The normal position for the LNB is with F-contact pointing
straight down. If noise is still being recieved in the picture after
careful azimuth and elevation adjustment, then the polarisation
may need optimising, to do this, slacken off the LNB fixing
screw and rotate the LNB to improve reception. Please note that
the adjustment which will be required will be minimal.
Elevation angle
25 30
15 mm
8 mm
3 mm



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