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Compactor Use; How Your Compactor Works - KitchenAid Integrated Compactor 9871915A Use And Care Manual

Integrated compactors
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Adjusting the Toe Plate
If the toe plate rubs the floor covering, the toe plate clearance
may be changed as follows:
1. Mark on each side of the toe plate the amount of toe plate
that rubs the floor covering.
2. Remove the drawer from the unit. (See Step 3 in the
"Unpacking" section.)
3. Use a ruler and a pencil or chalk to draw a line between the
marks on each side of toe plate.
4. Use scissors or utility knife to cut toe plate along line.
5. Replace drawer. If toe plate still rubs floor covering, repeat
Steps 1-4.
Trimless Panel without Handle
Use these dimension drawings to create a custom panel for use
without a trim kit. The panel should be a minimum of
( 38.1 cm )
1. Align the bottom of the custom panel with the bottom of the
drawer front.
NOTE: The bottom of the custom panel should not extend
below the bottom of the drawer front.
2. Secure the panel from the back using four #8 x 1" wood
screws as shown.
" (13 mm)
(74.6 cm)
3. Attach a 15" x
" quarter-round filler along the top of the
drawer front using glue or screws.
A. Custom panel
B. 15"x
" Quarter-round
C. #8 x 1" Wood screws


How Your Compactor Works

The compacting ram is the part of the compactor which
compresses the trash. The compacting ram does not go to the
bottom of the drawer. You will not see compacting of trash the
first few times you load the compactor.
NOTE: The compactor drawer should be more than
the compactor can begin to compress the load.
You may hear a noise when glass breaks. Strong glass bottles
may not break at all. The trash in a full compactor bag will be
the size of its original bulk.
Load bulky trash, bottles, and cans in the center of the drawer.
Bottles or cans not placed in the center may become caught
between the ram and the drawer. The Drawer Monitor Switch
then senses a "misload" and causes the ram to return to the "up"
position without compacting.
D. Toe guard
E. Washer
F. Toe guard screw
full before


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