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Compal CH6643E User Manual

Wireless gateway series
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Compal Broadband Networks
CH6643E Wireless Gateway Series
User Guide



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  Summary of Contents for Compal CH6643E

  • Page 1 Compal Broadband Networks CH6643E Wireless Gateway Series User Guide...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Verifying the IP Address in Windows Vista ............... 15 Renewing Your IP Address ....................15 Setting Up a Wi-Fi Network ...................... 15 Basic Configuration Starting the CH6643E Configuration Manager (CMGR) ............16 CH6643E Menu Options Bar ....................17 CABLE MODEM Pages CABLE MODEM Status Page ....................18 CABLE MODEM Signals Page ....................
  • Page 3 Advanced Port Filtering Page ....................31 Advanced Port Forwarding Page ..................... 32 Advanced Port Triggers Page ....................34 Advanced DMZ Host Page ...................... 35 Setting Up the DMZ Host ....................35 Dynamic DNS ........................... 35 Advanced IDS Page ......................... 36 GATEWAY Wireless Pages Wireless Band Mode Page ......................
  • Page 4: Overview

    Overview The CBN CH6643E Wireless Gateway is designed for your home, home office, or small business/enterprise. It can be used in households with one or more computers capable of wireless connectivity for remote access to the wireless gateway. This user guide provides product overview and setup information for the CH6643E. It also provides instructions for installing the wireless gateway and configuring the wireless LAN, Ethernet, router, DHCP, and security settings.
  • Page 5: Ch6643E Lan Choices

    NTFS. You can plug in an USB memory stick then access it via FTP client or Windows Explorer. CH6643E LAN Choices You can connect up to 253 client computers to the CH6643E using one or any combination of the following network connections: ...
  • Page 6: Wired Ethernet Lan

    Sample Wireless Network Connections (CH6643E model shown) Your maximum wireless operation distance depends on the type of materials through which the signal must pass and the location of your CH6643E and clients (stations). CBN cannot guarantee wireless operation for all supported distances in all environments.
  • Page 7: Front Panel

    More detailed information on Ethernet cabling is beyond the scope of this document. Front Panel The CH6643E front panel contains indicator lights and the WPS button which is used to configure Wi-Fi Protected Security (WPS) on compatible clients connected to the...
  • Page 8 The CH6643E front panel LED indicators provide the following status information for power, communications, and errors: Flashing Not applicable — LED does not POWER Green: Power is properly connected flash RECEIVE Green: Downstream channel Scanning downstream channel connection connected Blue:...
  • Page 9: Rear Panel

    WIRELESS Amber: WPS function is enabled. Green: Wi-Fi wireless interface is active now. Rear Panel The CH6643E (shown above) rear panel contains the following cabling port and connectors: Item Description TEL 1 VoIP connection for a single telephone. Two sets of telephone can be TEL 2 supported.
  • Page 10: Mac Label

    Provide power to the CH6643E. MAC Label The CH6643E Media Access Control (MAC) label is located on the bottom of the CH6643E. The label contains the MAC address which is a unique, 48-bit value that identifies each Ethernet network device. To receive data service, you will need to provide the MAC address marked HFC MAC ID to your Internet Service provider.”...
  • Page 11: Getting Started

    You must have the latest service packs and patches installed on your computer for your operating system. You will need a 75-ohm coaxial cable with F-type connectors to connect the CH6643E to the nearest cable outlet. If a TV is connected to the cable outlet, you may need a 5 to 900...
  • Page 12: Before You Begin

    CH6643E rear panel.  To prevent overheating the CH6643E, do not block the ventilation holes on the sides of the unit. Do not open the unit. Refer all service to your Internet Service provider.
  • Page 13: Connecting The Ch6643E

    This automatically powers on the gateway. You do not need to unplug the gateway when it is not in use. The first time you plug in the CH6643E, allow it 5 to 30 minutes to find and lock on the appropriate communications channels.
  • Page 14: Wall Mounting The Ch6643E

    Changes to solid green when the CH6643E is registered successfully and ready for Internet access Wall Mounting the CH6643E You have the option to wall mount the CH6643E. Do the following before mounting the CH6643E on the wall:  Locate the unit as specified by the local or national codes governing residential or business cable TV and communications services.
  • Page 15 There must be .10 inches (2.5 mm) between the wall and the underside of the screw head. 7. Place the CH6643E so the keyholes on the back of the unit are aligned above the mounting screws. 8. Slide the CH6643E down until it stops against the top of the keyhole opening.
  • Page 16: Wall Mounting Template

    Wall Mounting Template Figure 1 Wall Mounting Template Setting Up Internet Access After installing the CH6643E, check that you can connect to the Internet. You can retrieve an IP address for your computer’s network interface using one of the following options: ...
  • Page 17: Configuring Tcp/Ip In Windows Xp

    Make sure all computers on your LAN are configured for TCP/IP. After configuring TCP/IP on your computer, you should verify the IP address. Note: For UNIX or Linux systems, follow the instructions in the applicable user documentation. Configuring TCP/IP in Windows XP 1.
  • Page 18: Verifying The Ip Address In Windows Xp

    Setting Up a Wi-Fi Network Do the following to set up a Wi-Fi network using the WPS button on the CH6643E: 1. Power on the CH6643E. 2. Power on the WPS-enabled devices you want to have access to the network, such as a PC, router, or telephone.
  • Page 19: Basic Configuration

    The CH6643E Configuration Manager (CMGR) allows you to change and view the settings on your CH6643E. 1. Open the web browser on a computer connected to the CH6643E over an Ethernet connection. Note: Do not attempt to configure the CH6643E over a wireless connection.
  • Page 20: Ch6643E Menu Options Bar

    Operator mode. Allow access gateway, provisioning pages and provide more configuration information. CH6643E Menu Options Bar The CH6643E Menu Options bar is displayed at the top of the CH6643E Configuration Manager window. Configuration Manager Menu Options Bar Menu Option Pages...
  • Page 21: Cable Modem Pages

    CABLE MODEM Pages The CABLE MODEM pages provide the information of cable connection status, channel signals, network IP address, and system logs during the establishment of cable connection to cable service provider’s CMTS. CABLE MODEM Status Page This page provides information about the startup process of the Cable Modem.
  • Page 22: Cable Modem Signals Page

    CABLE MODEM Signals Page This page provides information about the connection between the Cable Modem and the CMTS of cable service provider. Field Descriptions for the Status Connection Page Field Description Downstream Status information about the RF downstream channels, including downstream channel frequency and downstream signal power and modulation.
  • Page 23: Cable Modem Logs Page

    Indicates the date and time the error occurred Priority Indicates the level of importance of the error Message A brief definition of the error CABLE MODEM Addresses Page This page provides the HFC and IP network connectivity status of the CH6643E.
  • Page 24: Cable Modem Configuration Page

    CABLE MODEM Configuration Page This page is able to configure upstream channel ID and 3 Favorite Frequencies then save it. Cable modem will scan the frequency you specify first. Reset All Defaults button will reset all configurations of the cable modem to factory defaults.
  • Page 25: Cable Modem Provisioning Page

    Field Descriptions for the CABLE MODEM Configuration Page Field Description Frequency Plan European and North American Specify frequency plan type. Hybrid Mode Cable modem based on European model has the ability to scan both European and North American frequency plans. If hybrid mode is set, cable modem will try to acquire a Euro-DOCSIS (8 Mhz channel width) and DOCSIS (6 Mhz channel width) signal on the each scanned frequency.
  • Page 26: Gateway Basic Pages

    Network Configuration, WAN Connection Type and DHCP. You can click any Basic submenu option to view or change the configuration information for that option. This page allows you to configure the basic features of your CH6643E gateway related to your ISP connection.
  • Page 28 CH6643E Access Point. IP Address The public WAN IP address of your CH6643E device, which is either dynamically or statically assigned by your ISP. Media Access Control address — a set of 12 hexadecimal digits...
  • Page 29: Basic Dhcp Page

    Basic DHCP Page This page allows you to configure and view the status of the optional internal CH6643E DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server for the LAN. CAUTION: Do not modify these settings unless you are an experienced network administrator with strong knowledge of IP addressing, subnetting, and DHCP.
  • Page 30: Basic Lan Users Page

    DHCP Clients Lists DHCP client device information. Static Assigned DHCP Reserve IP addresses assigned by the CH6643E DHCP server clients for specific LAN clients When done, click Apply to save your changes. Basic LAN Users Page This page contains a list of LAN users which associated to this device.
  • Page 31: Gateway Advanced Pages

    CH6643E: You can click any Advanced submenu option to view or change the advanced configuration information for that option. Advanced Options Page This page allows you to set the operating modes for adjusting how the CH6643E device routes IP traffic.
  • Page 32: Advanced Ip Filtering Page

    When done, click Apply to save your changes. Advanced IP Filtering Page This page allows you to define which local PCs will be denied access to the CH6643E WAN. You can configure IP address filters to block Internet traffic to specific network devices on the LAN by entering start and end IP address ranges.
  • Page 33: Advanced Mac Filtering Page

    Description Start Address Enter the start IP address range of the computers for which you want to deny access to the CH6643E WAN. End Address Enter the end IP address range of the computers you want to deny access to the CH6643E WAN.
  • Page 34: Setting A Mac Address Filter

    Field Descriptions for the Advanced MAC Filtering Page Field Description Media Access Control address — a unique set of 12 hexadecimal digits MAC Addresses assigned to a PC during manufacturing. Setting a MAC Address Filter 1. Enter the MAC address in the MAC Addresses field for the PC you want to block. 2.
  • Page 35: Advanced Port Forwarding Page

    Note: The specified port ranges are blocked for ALL PCs, and this setting is not IP address or MAC address specific. For example, if you wanted to block all PCs on the private LAN from accessing HTTP sites (or “web surfing”), you would set the “Start Port” to 80, “End Port” to 80, “Protocol”...
  • Page 36 The ports used by some common applications are:  HTTP: 80  FTP: 20, 21  Secure Shell: 22  Telnet: 23  SMTP e-mail: 25  SNMP: 161 To map a port, you must enter the range of port numbers that should be forwarded locally and the IP address to which traffic to those ports should be sent.
  • Page 37: Advanced Port Triggers Page

    Advanced Port Triggers Page This page allows you to configure dynamic triggers to specific devices on the LAN. This allows for special applications that require specific port numbers with bi-directional traffic to function properly. Applications such as video conferencing, voice, gaming, and some messaging program features may require these special settings.
  • Page 38: Advanced Dmz Host Page

    Dynamic DNS This page allows you to provide Internet users with a name (instead of an IP address) to access your virtual servers. CH6643E supports dynamic DNS service provided by,, and Please register this service at...
  • Page 39: Advanced Ids Page

    Indicate the status of DDNS service. Advanced IDS Page The CH6643E IDS Pages allow you to configure the CH6643E firewall filters and firewall alert notifications. The CH6643E firewall protects the CH6643E LAN from undesired attacks and other intrusions from the Internet. It provides an advanced, integrated stateful-inspection firewall supporting intrusion detection, session tracking, and denial-of- service attack prevention.
  • Page 40 80. Inbound responses from the Internet are allowed because an outbound session is established. When required, you can configure the CH6643E firewall to allow inbound packets without first establishing an outbound session. You also need to configure a port forwarding entry...
  • Page 41: Gateway Wireless Pages

    GATEWAY Wireless Pages The CH6643E Wireless Pages allow you to configure your wireless LAN (WLAN). You can click any Wireless submenu option to view or change the configuration information for that option. WPA or WPA2 encryption provides higher security than WEP encryption, but older wireless client cards may not support the newer WPA or WPA2 encryption methods.
  • Page 42 Gateway routing features. Transmission Mode Select which 802.11 mode is used by CH6643E, including 802.11b/g/n mixed mode, 802.11g/n mixed mode, 802.11n only, 802.11b/g mixed mode, 802.11g only, for 802.11b only in 2.4G band mode, 802.11a/n mixed mode, 802.11a only, 802.11n only in 5G band mode.
  • Page 43: Wireless Security Page

    Enable or disable this wireless interface. Channel Width Select the channel width (20 MHz or 20/40 MHz) to be used by CH6643E. When 20/40MHz is selected 802.11n clients experience improved throughput using 40 MHz, while legacy clients(either 802.11a or 802.11b/g) can still be serviced without interruption using 20MHz.
  • Page 44 Field Descriptions for Mixed WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK, WPA2-PSK and WPA-PSK page Field Description Data Encryption When using WPA or WPA2 authentication, these WPA encryption modes can be set: TKIP, AES, or TKIP + AES. AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) provides the strongest encryption, while TKIP (Temporal Key Integrity Protocol) provides strong encryption with improved compatibility.
  • Page 45 Field Description character. Pre-Shared Key Sets the WPA/WPA2 Pre-Shared Key (PSK). This is either an 8-63 ASCII character string or 64 hexadecimal digits. This is specified when the Network Authentication method is WPA- PSK or WPA2-PSK. WPA Group Rekey Interval Sets the WPA Group Rekey Interval in seconds.
  • Page 46 Field Descriptions for WPA-Enterprise/WPA2-Enterprise, WPA-Enterprise and WPA2-Enterprise Page Field Description Network Re-auth Interval The re-authentication interval is the amount of time the wireless router can wait before re-establishing authentication with the CPE (WPA-Enterprise don’t have this field). RADIUS Server IP Address Sets the RADIUS server IP address to use for client authentication using...
  • Page 47 Field Descriptions for the WEP Page Field Description Encryption Mode The CPE uses either the 64-bit or 128-bit key to encrypt the challenge text and sends the encrypted text to the access...
  • Page 48 Field Description point. The access point will decrypt the encrypted text and then compare the decrypted message with the original challenge text. If they are the same, the access point will let the CPE connect; if it doesn’t match, then the access point does not let the CPE connect.
  • Page 49: Wireless Wps Page

    Wireless WPS Page CH6643E provide WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) function, with it enable will support WPS clients to join the network very easily. It is a standard for easy and secure establishment of a wireless network. With WPS you can setup and protect your wireless network in just a few easy steps.
  • Page 50: Wireless Access Control Page

    Click or press the WPS button on the CH6643E’s front panel or select Push Button Configuration (PBC) option radio then click “Connect” button in the web page “Home / Gateway / Wireless / WPS”, the wireless LED will flash with orange color.
  • Page 51 Field Descriptions for the Wireless Access Control Page Field Description Select “Disable” to disable access control Access Control Select Enabled in Allow mode then you can maintain a list of client allowed to connect to this device. Select Enabled in Deny mode then you can maintain a list of client cannot to connect to this device.
  • Page 52: Wireless Status Page

    Wireless Basic Page. Setting Up Your Wireless LAN You can use the CH6643E as an access point for a wireless LAN (WLAN) without changing its default settings. To enable security for your WLAN, you can do the following on the CH6643E: ...
  • Page 53: Encrypting Wireless Lan Transmissions

    (WPA), recommending configuring passphrase on the CH6643E and on each wireless WPA on the CH6643E client. Home and small-office settings typically use a local passphrase. Otherwise, configure WEP on the You must configure the identical WEP key on the CH6643E CH6643E and on each wireless client.
  • Page 54: Gateway Usb Pages

    GATEWAY USB Pages The CH6643E support a variety of USB devices including printer and storage. You can plug USB printers and storages on the device and share them through internet. Print Server CH6643E support USB printer and share it based on Internet Printing Protocol (IPP)
  • Page 55: Ftp Server

    If all went well, you should see complete window. Click Finish. FTP Server CH6643E support USB storage and share it based on FTP (File Transfer Protocol) that allows users can login and manage it. Field Descriptions for the FTP Server Page...
  • Page 56: File Server

    The folder structure of the USB mass storage is displayed in the file browser. File Server CH6643E support USB storage and share it based on Samba service that allow users can login and manage it. Field Descriptions for the File Server Page...
  • Page 57: Gateway Management Pages

    GATEWAY MANAGEMENT Pages The CH6643E support management for web browser login password, port and enable/disable web browser. These pages are including changing password function, remote management and loopback IP function. Change Password CH6643E allows changing admin password for web browser login. Configure Password and retype the Password again and then click Apply and when you login in next time, you must use this new password.
  • Page 58: Loopback Ip

    Web server port on WAN Interface Enter the port number of web server on WAN interface. After apply settings, on remote host, you can browse the web page on CH6643E with IP address on WAN interface and indicated port number, for example: http://x.x.x.x:8080.
  • Page 59 Field Description IP Address Enter the IP address for loopback interface. Subnet Mask Enter the subnet mask for loopback interface. Secondary LAN Interface IP Address Enter the IP address for the secondary LAN interface. Subnet Mask Enter the subnet mask for the secondary LAN interface. Please note that, after apply the settings successfully, NAT will be disabled.
  • Page 60: Telephone Pages

    TELEPHONE Pages The Multimedia Terminal Adapter (MTA) in your CH6643E provides digital VoIP services, which allow you to use the Internet to make telephone calls. Basic telephone functions, such as three- way calling, voice mail, and fax transmissions, can be supported with this connection on the CH6643E.
  • Page 61: Telephone Status Page

    TELEPHONE Status Page This page displays the initialization status of the MTA.
  • Page 62: Telephone Call Page

    TELEPHONE Call Page Call Status Tab This tab displays the MTA call status. Quality Of Service Tab This tab displays the MTA Quality of Service (QoS) parameters.
  • Page 63: Telephone Logs Page

    TELEPHONE Logs Page Telephone Log Tab This tab displays the Telephone Log information related to your CH6643E VoIP telephone connection. It shows Diagnostic messages generated by the MTA. This information is intended for use by a qualified technician. Call Signaling Log Tab This tab displays the log of call signaling messages which are exchanged during MTA initialization, call creation and deletion.
  • Page 65: Telephone Provisioning Page

    TELEPHONE Provisioning Page This page contains the MTA provisioning details about your CH6643E VoIP telephone connection (PROVISIONING item only appears in operator mode). Setup Tab This tab displays the primary parameters for MTA provisioning, including MTA FQDN, Provisioning Method, MTA IP Address, Mask and Gateway, DNS server, Configuration File, Provisioning State and so on.
  • Page 66: Call Features Tab

    Call Features Tab If your ISP supports call features for SIP, this tab will list all call features for each phone line respectively. Errors Tab This tab displays the error items in MTA configuration.
  • Page 67: Telephone Configuration Page

    TELEPHONE Configuration Page This page shows the configuration file received from provider of cable broadband service. (CONFIGURATION item only appears in operator mode)
  • Page 68: Help Pages

    Click any HELP submenu option to view the status information for that option. HELP Cable Modem Page This page provides some important and useful information about CH6643E, including modem name, firmware version, serial number and Wi-Fi driver version. HELP Telephone Page This page provides the brief description of TELEPHONE submenu and the standard checkup procedure.
  • Page 70: Troubleshooting

    Before calling your service provider, try pressing the Reset button on the rear panel of the CH6643E. Please note, if you press the Reset button, you will lose all your custom configuration settings, including Firewall and Advanced settings. Your service provider may ask for the front panel LED status;...
  • Page 71: Front-Panel Leds And Error Conditions

    Front-Panel LEDs and Error Conditions The CH6643E front panel LEDs provide status information for the following error conditions: Table 2 – Front-Panel LEDs and Error Conditions Status if, During Startup: if, During Normal Operation: POWER CH6643E is not properly plugged...