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Learning Mode; Tones; Start; Off - KitchenAid KHMS2056SBL Use & Care Manual

Microwave hood combination
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Learning Mode

The Learning Mode is ideal for learning how to use the
microwave oven. When set, functions can be entered, with real
displays and tones, without actually turning on the microwave
generator (magnetron). While functions are operating in the
Learning Mode, the microwave oven light will come on, the fan
will run, and the turntable will rotate (if set ON).
While the Learning Mode is active, the Learn indicator is visible in
the upper, right title area, or at the bottom command input area.
The indicator is visible while the microwave oven is in standby
mode, during programming, and during Settings & Info menu
navigation. During a "practice" cooking cycle, the Learn indicator
is visible in the lower, left command input area.
A. Indicators for Learning Mode
To Activate Learning Mode:
1. On the Main Menu, touch "Settings & Info."
2. On Settings & Info screen, touch "More Choices."
3. Touch "Learning Mode."
4. Touch "On" or "Off" to set.
5. Touch "Ok."
Tones are audible signals, indicating the following:
One Tone
Valid entry (short tone)
Two Tones
Between stages (short tones)
Reminder, repeat each minute for 10 minutes after the end-
of-cycle tones
End of Timer countdown
Hidden feature entered or exited (very short, quick tones)
Three Tones
Invalid entry (very short, quick tones)
Retry Error
Four Tones
End of cycle (2 short tones, followed by 2 longer tones)
Interruption, tend to food (short tones)
Attention - door needs to be opened and closed
To Adjust Tone Volume:
1. On Main Menu, touch "Settings & Info."
2. On Settings & Info screen, touch "More Choices."
3. Touch "Volume."
4. Using "+" and "-" controls, increase or decrease the volume
setting, or turn the tones off.
5. Touch "Ok."
The START control will start any function.
If non-sensor cooking is interrupted, touching the START control
pad will resume the preset cycle.
If the microwave oven has not been in use and the door has not
been opened in the past 5 minutes, the cooking function will not
start. Open and close the door, then touch START to start or
resume the cooking cycle.
For added convenience, the "Start" touch pad is also available on
some display screens, and provides the same function as the
START control pad.
The OFF control stops all functions except for the Timer and
Learning Mode, and cancels programming in progress.
The microwave oven will also turn off when the door is opened.
Close the door and touch START control or "Continue" on the
touch screen to resume the cycle. A sensor cooking cycle may
not be resumed if interrupted by opening the door.
During programming, the CLEAR control changes the numeric
programming values, such as minutes, seconds and cook power
that are active in the display to their default value. For example,
while entering a cook time, touching CLEAR will change the time
you have already entered to "0:00." The CLEAR control gives an
invalid signal (see "Tones" section) if touched during cooking.






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