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Timer; Control Lock - KitchenAid KHMS2056SBL Use & Care Manual

Microwave hood combination
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The Timer can be set in minutes and seconds, up to 99 minutes,
and counts down the set time.
NOTE: The Timer does not start or stop the microwave oven.
A. Timer indicator
While the Timer is in use, the microwave oven can still operate.
During a microwave oven operation, the Timer countdown will be
minimized. If the Timer ends while microwave oven is still
operating, the end-of-Timer tones will sound, and the set
operating mode will remain active on the screen.
To Set Timer:
1. Touch TIMER control.
2. Using the number pads, enter desired time in minutes and
seconds, and then touch "Start Timer."
The countdown will be in full screen view.
3. Touch "Ok" to minimize the timer.
To see the countdown in full screen view, touch TIMER control.
The time can be reset during the countdown by touching TIMER,
entering a new time, then touching "Ok," or the START control.
To Cancel: Touch TIMER control, then touch "Cancel Timer."


The Control Lock disables all controls to avoid unintended use of
the microwave oven. The only control that will function while the
Control Lock is active is the OFF pad on the control panel.
Control Lock activation is possible only when the display is at the
Main Menu.
To Activate Control Lock: Touch and hold OFF control for
5 seconds. Two tones will sound, and the display will show the
padlock icon.
If any controls are touched while the Control Lock is active, the
"Control Lock" reminder screen appears for 5 seconds.
To Deactivate Control Lock: Touch and hold OFF control for
5 seconds. Two tones will sound, and the padlock icon will be
removed from the display.

Control Lock

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