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KitchenAid KUIS185S Installation Instructions Manual

Automatic ice maker
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Ice Maker@
lMode' KU's'85S



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  • Page 1 I(it,h -mlqpam Automatic Ice Maker@ lMode’ KU’s’85S...
  • Page 2: Changing The Bin Door And Lower Panel

    Replace handle and screws. To change the lower panel: 1. Remove the two screws at the bottom that hold the lower panel assembly to the ice maker. Remove the two screws on the top of the pane! assembly. Slide the metal panels and spacers out.
  • Page 3: General Information

    GENERAL INFORMATION UNPACK OPEN BOTTOM FLAPS FIGURE Lay carton on rear face flaps 2 Set carton upright with See Figure Lift carton u p and off of machine. Remove all tape packaging outside inside cabinet. emove the front grill: take out the screws ing the grill at the bottom and Ilft It free of cabinet...
  • Page 4: For The Plumber

    1. When drain connection not available a condensate the water to an available for the cold water 2. Install condensate pump on floor behind ice maker with discharge tube to the rear. Run bin drain directly into shut-off valve tn the pump as shown in Figure 5A.
  • Page 5: For The Electrician

    SCREWS FOR THE ELECTRICIAN ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENTS A 115 Volt, 60 Hz, AC only, 15 Amp fused electrical required (time delay fuse or circuit breaker It is recommended that a separate circuit, appliance, be provided. DO NOT use an extension ELECTRICAL GROUND IS REOUIRED APPLIANCE.
  • Page 6: How It Works

    (consult your electrical inspector), adapter may be plugged into the existing receptacle to mate wrth Z&prong THIS, HOWEVER, cord. Figure COMMENDED. If this is done, you must connect the grounding adapter to the wall receptacle cover same screw, you must connect a separate (No.
  • Page 7: Things To Remember

    THINGS TO REMEMBER Water enters only during the defrost fore first cycle will be completed water in the system. As the room and water temperatures amount produced. higher operating temperatures duced ice production. unit will shut off when ice in the storage touches thermostat well...
  • Page 8: Check Operation

    CUBELET CUTTER GRIDS 9.l/2”-1 h CUBE CUTTER GRID 1%” x 1X” Cube Grid Part No. 758842-U CHECK OPERATION Start the unit by turning the service “ON” and opening the line water valve. NOTE: Left is “OFF” - Middle is “ON” - is “CLEAN.”...