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Status Indicators; Wash System; Vent System; Overfill Protection Float - KitchenAid 8269909 Use & Care Manual

Kitchenaid appliances undercounter dishwasher use & care guide
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To turn on the Lock
Press and hold
for 4 seconds. Control Lock glows.
If you press any pad while your dishwasher control is locked, the
light flashes 3 times.
To turn off the Lock
Press and hold Energy Saver Dry for 4 seconds. The light turns
Delay Hours
Select this option to run your dishwasher at a later time or during
off-peak hours. You can add items to the load anytime during the
delay countdown.
After adding items, close the door firmly until it
latches. The delay countdown
will not continue if the door is not
To delay the start
1, Open the door.
2. Select a wash cycle and options.
3. Press
The delay light will glow.
Press Start.
5, Close the door.
NOTE: To cancel the delay, press 4 Hour Delay to turn the light
Operate your dishwasher only when you are at home.
If your home is equipped with a water softener, do not start
the dishwasher
during the regeneration of the softener.
Wash Sy:tem
The five-level wash system provides excellent cleaning results.
Four levels of filtration and a soil collector system filter the wash
water and prevent food particles from redepositing
on the clean
The wash water continuously
flows through the Ultra-Fine
filter, trapping food particles.
As the Ultra-Fine Filter traps food particles, the pressure in
the pump increases. The sensor monitors this pressure and
adjusts the wash cycle for the best wash
Two water jets, located under the spray arm remove the food
particles from the Ultra-Fine filter.
A coarse strainer prevents bones, pits, and other large
objects from entering the pump system.
NOTE: Periodically check the coarse strainer and remove any
objects on the strainer.
How the sensor adjusts the cycle:
While the dishwasher is "sensing," it may perform a series of
short drains and fills skimming off small amounts of soils and
dirty water. These are simultaneously
replaced with clean water.
This removes trapped food particles from the pump for improved
wash performance.
Once soil level is determined, the sensor
adds heat, time, or water as needed for proper
Vent System
The integrated
vent, located on the top left side of the door,
provides a pressure relief to reduce the door-closing
If you select the Sani Rinse option, Sanitized glows when the
Sani Rinse cycle is finished. The Lightturns on when you open the
door. If your dishwasher did not properly sanitize your dishes, the
light flashes at the end of the cycle. This can happen if the cycle
is interrupted or the incoming water temperature is too low. The
light goes off when you close the door or press Cancel.
Clean glows when a cycle is finished. The light turns on when you
open the door. The light turns off when you close the door or
press Cancel.
The vent closes during the cycle to lock sound in the dishwasher.
After the cycle has finished, the vent remains closed until the
dishes have cooled down. Between cycles, the vent stays open
for air-flow, reducing the build-up of odors.
The overfill protection float (in the front right corner of the
dishwasher tub) keeps the dishwasher from overfilling. It must be
in place for the dishwasher to operate.
Check under the float for objects that may keep the protector
from moving up or down.


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