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Important Safety Instructions - KitchenAid KGCC505H Use And Care Manual

Gas sealed burner cooktop
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ooktop Safety


To reduce the risk of fire, electrical
shock, injury to persons, or damage when using the
cooktop, follow basic precautions, including the
Do not store items of interest to
children in cabinets above the cooktop – children
climbing on the cooktop to reach items could be
seriously injured.
• Proper Installation – The cooktop, when installed,
must be electrically grounded in accordance with
local codes or, in the absence of local codes, with
the National Electrical Code, ANSI/NFPA 70 or the
Canadian Electrical Code, Part 1. Be sure the
cooktop is properly installed and grounded by a
qualified technician.
• This cooktop is equipped with a three-prong
grounding plug for your protection against shock
hazard and should be plugged directly into a prop-
erly grounded receptacle. Do not cut or remove the
grounding prong from this plug.
The California Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act requires the Governor of California to
publish a list of substances known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other
reproductive harm, and requires businesses to warn of potential exposure to such substances.
WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth
defects, or other reproductive harm.
This appliance can cause low-level exposure to some of the substances listed, including benzene,
formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, toluene, and soot.
• Disconnect the electrical supply before
servicing the cooktop.
• Never Use the Cooktop for Warming or Heating
the Room.
• Injuries may result from the misuse of the
cooktop such as stepping, leaning, or sitting on
the top surface.
• Maintenance – Keep cooktop area clear and free
from combustible materials, gasoline, and other
flammable vapors and liquids.
• Storage on the cooktop – Flammable materials
should not be stored on or near surface units.
• Top burner flame size should be adjusted so it
does not extend beyond the edge of the
cooking utensil.

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