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Saito FG-57T Instruction Manual Page 10

Twin-cylinder gasoline four-stroke engine.
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E N G I N E B R E A K - I N
4. Engage the electric starter for about
5 seconds and the engine should
Manually starting the engine
CAUTION: Use a starting stick
or leather workman's gloves to protect
your hands.
1. Turn on the transmitter, and then
turn on the receiver switches.
Position the throttle stick to the fully
closed position.
2. Check that the ignition system is
turned off.
3. Insert the choke bar through the carb
and engage in the rotating barrel of
the carb.
4. Pull the choke bar out and hold in
5. Next to pull fuel into the carb, grasp
and rotate the propeller through
a number of times. This choking
operation works better if the
propeller is not quickly flipped but
pulled through the operation. Once
you hear that fuel is flowing to the
carburetor, rotate through another 5
6. Now quickly flip the propeller 10
times in a clockwise direction and
your choking process is complete.
This gets fuel into the cylinders of
your engine.
7. Release and remove the choke bar.
8. Turn on the ignition.
9. Quickly flip the engine through.
The engine should start easily. If
it does not start, repeat the above
choking procedure.
Break-in is a very important start to
a long and enjoyable engine life so
please do these steps with patience and
The main purpose of the break-in
period is to provide plenty of lubricant
to each and every moving part in
the engine. Rough engine operation
during break-in because of a rich fuel
mixture is ok and required to ensure
that adequate lubrication is being
provided to the newly mated parts.
1. Start the engine as described and
allow it to operate at low rpm for
3–5 seconds.
2. While running at slow rpm, open
the main (high-speed) needle ½
turn and open the throttle ½ way. If
a rich mixture is not evident at this
point, open the low-speed needle to
achieve a rich mixture. While no
particular rpm target is given, this
should all be accomplished at or
below 5000 rpm. The object is to
run this way for two full tanks. This
provides sufficient lubrication to all
the mating surfaces to allow them to
begin to work together.
3. Reset the low-speed needle to the
factory specification and run one
full tank of fuel with the rich high-
speed needle setting and ½ throttle.
4. With a fresh tank of fuel restart
the engine, this time leaning the
high-speed needle to achieve a


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