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Saito FA-120 Special Instruction Manual

Large single cylinder 4-stroke engines.
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Large Single Cylinder 4-Stroke Engines
• FA-120 Special
• FA-120S Golden Knight
• FA-150
• FA-150 Golden Knight
Version 2005
• FA-180
• FA-180 Golden Knight
• FA-220a
• FA-220a Golden Knight


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   Summary of Contents for Saito FA-120 Special

  • Page 1 Large Single Cylinder 4-Stroke Engines INSTRUCTION MANUAL Version 2005 • FA-120 Special • FA-180 • FA-120S Golden Knight • FA-180 Golden Knight • FA-150 • FA-220a • FA-150 Golden Knight • FA-220a Golden Knight...
  • Page 2: Very Important

    Failure to do so may cause This instruction manual has been may result in damage to the Saito engine and/or the developed to ensure optimum engine damage airframe. Install the propeller with the performance from the Saito engine you and the voiding of convex (curved) side facing forward.
  • Page 3: Engine Parts Identification

    1.5-volt heavy-duty dry a Saito 4-stroke engine, as well as • Always run your model engines in It is highly recommended that: cell battery with a Glow Plug Locking charts that include part numbers and a well-ventilated area.
  • Page 4: Starting The Engine

    S T A R T I N G T H E E N G I N E Break-In Starting The Engine 2. Your engine includes the Saito • Rotate the propeller in a counter- ™ SAIP400S glow plug. Use the...
  • Page 5 8. Initial break-in: (85) prior to flight. The peak rpm without hesitation upon opening the such as those manufactured by Saito should be obtained and then reduced throttle rapidly. exclusively for Saito engines, is Do not exceed 4,000 rpm for the first by approximately 200 –...
  • Page 6: Engine Maintenance

    .03mm to .10mm (.002" – .004") using Carburetor Adjustment section. 1. Cylinder screws should be loosened contact the Saito Service Center the supplied gauge. The valves must in a criss-cross pattern. at (217) 355-9511. Our technicians be adjusted with the engine cold due to 2.
  • Page 7: Fuel Pump System

    2 ½ turns open to Generally speaking, there are very 6 turns open. The final setting will few things that will keep today’s To add longer life to your Saito When operating the FA-220a/GK ™ depend largely on the specific fuel engine the following recommendations modern glow engines from starting.
  • Page 8 T R O U B L E S H O O T I N G P A R T S L I S T Large Single Cylinder Cross-Reference Chart SYMPTOM CAUSE CORRECTIVE ACTION Part Engine fails to Low voltage on Replace/recharge the FA-120S(H) FA-120SGK...
  • Page 9: Propeller Selection

    Remember, it is imperative to balance propeller selection list. This chart will each propeller prior to installation enable you to select the best propeller onto your Saito engine. Failure to do for initial setup of your Saito ™ engine. so may cause unwanted vibration in your aircraft.
  • Page 10: Parts List

    • Propeller size and brand used • Type of glow plug used Horizon Service Center • Type of engine mount Attn: Saito Service • Approximately how much running 4105 Fieldstone Road time the engine had before difficulty Champaign, IL 61822...
  • Page 11: Non-warranty Repairs

    Should your repair cost exceed 50% Horizon Service Center of the retail purchase cost, you will Attn: Saito Warranty be provided with an estimate advising 4105 Fieldstone Road you of your options. Any return...
  • Page 12 Distributed exclusively by Horizon Hobby, Inc., Champaign, IL 61822 © 2005 SAIMAN1L 7658...

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