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Operating Your Dryer - KitchenAid KEYS677E Use And Care Manual

Electric and gas dryers
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To get the best dryer results possible, you must use your dryer correctly. This section tells you how to
use your dryer properly and efficiently.
Starting your dryer
Never place items in the dryer that are
dampened with gasoline or other
flammable fluids.
No washer can completely remove oil.
Do not dry anything that has ever had any
type of oil on it (including cooking oils).
Doing so can result in death, explosion,
or fire.
Before using your dryer, wipe the dryer drum with a
damp cloth to remove dust from storing and shipping.
If your dryer has a Consumer Buy Guide, remove it
and place it with this Use and Care Guide.
Load clothes loosely into the dryer and close the
Turn the Cycle Control Knob to the recommended

Operating Your Dryer

Explosion Hazard
door. Do not pack the
dryer; allow space for
clothes to tumble freely.
cycle for the type of load
being dried, as de-
scribed on pages 10-12.
Use the Energy
Preferred Automatic
Setting ( * ) in the Regu-
lar/Heavy cycle to dry
most heavyweight and
mediumweight loads.
Set the Temperature selector to the recommended
(OPTIONAL STEP) Set the Cycle Signal selector to
(OPTIONAL STEP) Your dryer has an Extra Care
setting for the type of
fabric being dried.
The cycle descriptions
on pages 10-12 include
temperature setting
On if you want the dryer
to sound a signal when a
cycle is finished. The
signal is helpful when you
are drying permanent
press, synthetics, and
other items that should
be removed from the
dryer as soon as it stops.
feature to protect your
clothing from wrinkling
once the dryer stops.
On models KEYS777E
and KGYS777E, set the
Extra Care selector to Off
if you want the dryer to
stop after cool-down.
(See page 10.)


Table of Contents

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