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Lint Signal; Cleaning The Dryer Interior - KitchenAid KEYS677E Use And Care Manual

Electric and gas dryers
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Lint signal

The lint signal (a whistle tone) indicates excessive
lint is present on your lint screen or it
has a residue buildup. See page 14.
A full lint screen restricts airflow and
reduces drying efficiency. When you
hear the signal, stop the dryer and
clean the lint screen.

Cleaning the dryer interior

Garments which contain unstable dyes, such as
denim blue jeans or brightly colored cotton items,
may discolor the dryer interior. These stains are not
harmful to your dryer and will not stain future loads
of clothes. It is helpful to dry unstable dye items
inside out to prevent dye transfer.
To clean dryer drum:
Make a paste with powdered laundry detergent
and very warm water.
Apply paste to a soft cloth.
Apply a liquid, non-flammable household cleaner to
the stained area and rub with a soft
cloth until all excess dye is removed.
Wipe drum thoroughly with a damp cloth.
Tumble a load of clean cloths or towels to dry drum.
Caring for Your Dryer
Clean your lint screen before each load. Do
not wait for the lint signal.
Use nonflammable cleaner.
Failure to do so can result in death,
explosion, or fire.
Explosion Hazard


Table of Contents

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