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Troubleshooting; Solving Common Problems; Online Technical Support; Preparing To Call Technical Support - HP Barcode scanner Quick Reference Manual

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Solving Common Problems

If the scanner is not operating properly, the following checks should be performed:
Verify the interface cable is securely attached to the host. Consult your technical support
personnel or refer to your host system manual to verify the proper connection for the scanner.
Verify that the interface cable is securely attached to the scanner.
Check that the barcodes are of sufficient quality to be recognized by the scanner. Wrinkled,
smudged, or torn labels can cause the scanner to not read at all. Scan known-good labels of an
active symbology to check the scanner's read operation.
in the scanner.
Ensure that the scanner's interface type is compatible with the host terminal by consulting your
POS system manual and/or the Programming Guide.

Online Technical Support

For the online access to technical support information, self-solve tools, online assistance, community
forums or IT experts, broad multivendor knowledge base, monitoring and diagnostic tools, go to

Preparing to Call Technical Support

If you can not solve a problem using the troubleshooting tips in this section, you may need to call
technical support. Have the following information available when you call:
If the product is connected to an HP POS computer, provide the serial number of the POS
Purchase date on invoice
The spares part number located on the product
Condition under which the problem occurred
Error messages received
Hardware configuration
Hardware and software you are using
Chapter 2 Troubleshooting
Reading of the various barcode symbologies can be independently enabled or disabled



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