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Superimposing A Call Sign - Kenwood VC-H1 Instruction Manual

Interactive visual communicator
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The VC-H1 allows you to superimpose
your call sign onto an image to be
transmitted. You can enter up to 8
alphanumeric characters.
1 Press [MR]+[HOLD]+ POWER ON to
switch the function ON (or OFF).
• A window for entering digits appears
when the function is switched ON.
2 Press [TX] or [RX] to select the first
• The selectable characters are "0" to
"9", "A" to "Z", and "/".
3 Press [MR] to move to the next digit.
4 Repeat step 2 and 3 to enter up to 8
• After selecting the 8th digit, you need
not press [MR].
• To correct the entered digits, start with
step 1 again. You cannot correct
specific digits individually.
5 Press [HOLD] to complete the entry.
• When you transmit an image next time,
the entered call sign will be
• To correct the stored call sign, repeat
the procedure which starts with step 1.
In step 1, only "A" is shown in the
window, whereas the previously
entered call sign is still present in
memory. You cannot correct specific
digits individually.
• After transmitting an image, press
[MR] to store the call sign in memory
with the image, if necessary.
After entering a call sign, you may prefer
not superimposing it onto some images.
You can also deactivate auto
superimposing. Press [HOLD]+
POWER ON to activate (default) or
deactivate auto superimposing.
• "CALL-ON" or "CALL-OFF" appears to
indicate the new status.


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