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Receiving Images - Kenwood VC-H1 Instruction Manual

Interactive visual communicator
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When the VC-H1 receives an image
signal, it automatically identifies and sets
the appropriate SSTV mode. The
compatible modes are listed below:
• Robot (color) 36
• AVT 90
• Scottie S1
• Martin M1
• Fast FM
Note: AF Mute must be switched OFF {page 13} to
receive an image transmitted using Fast FM mode;
the default is ON.
1 Confirm that the VC-H1 has been
correctly connected with the
transceiver {page 5}.
On the transceiver:
2 Turn ON the power to the transceiver.
3 Select the same frequency as the
other party.
4 Adjust the volume control to a
medium level.
On the VC-H1:
5 Slide the PWR switch upward to turn
the power ON.
• The TX/RX indicator lights green.
6 Tell the other party that you are ready
to receive an image.
• Robot (color) 72
• AVT 94
• Scottie S2
• Martin M2
7 When an image signal is received,
the image is displayed on the monitor.
• The TX/RX indicator lights orange
while an image is being received.
• If the TX/RX indicator is green even
when the monitor is deactivated by the
Battery Saver {page 11}, the VC-H1
can receive an image.
8 To store the received image in an
empty memory channel, press [MR].
• If the size of the received image is too
large to be stored in one channel, the
next channel is also used.
• When all channels are full, the
currently selected channel is
overwritten with a received image.
When you fail to receive the first portion of an
image signal in a mode other than AVT 90, AVT
94, and Fast FM, pressing [RX] allows you to
receive the remaining portion. However,
because of possible insufficient synchronization,
the VC-H1 could show an inappropriate color of
an image, or fail to receive an image even if the
TX/RX indicator lights orange.
The automatically identified SSTV mode is used
for your next transmission unless the mode is
manually changed. If the identified mode is
neither Robot (color) 36 nor Fast FM, switching
OFF the VC-H1 causes it to restore the
previously selected mode; Robot (color) 36 or
Fast FM.
If using a handy transceiver, switch OFF Battery
Saver. When Battery Saver is ON, the
transceiver may fail to receive an image.
If using a TH-G71 transceiver, increasing the
audio volume beyond a certain amount may
cause the transceiver to fail to receive an image.
Select the volume in the range shown to the left.


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