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Capturing Images - Kenwood VC-H1 Instruction Manual

Interactive visual communicator
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The VC-H1 has 10 memory channels to
store captured images.
1 Slide the PWR switch upward to turn
the power ON.
• The TX/RX indicator lights green.
2 Press [S] to activate both the camera
and LCD monitor.
• The TX/RX indicator goes out.
3 While looking at the LCD monitor,
turn and focus the camera onto an
4 Press [S] again to capture the image.
• When capturing is completed, the
camera is deactivated and the TX/RX
indicator lights green again.
5 Press [MR] to store the captured
image in a memory channel.
• You may skip this step if you do not
store the image.
6 Repeat step 2 to 5 to capture and
store a maximum of 10 desired
• When all channels are full, the
currently selected channel is
overwritten with a newly captured
7 To confirm the stored images, press
• The currently selected channel number
appears at the top right of the monitor.
• Each press of [MR] increments the
channel number.
While capturing images, the VC-H1 does not
receive images sent from other parties.
If no operation is performed for approximately
30 seconds with Battery Saver ON {page 11}, the
camera and monitor are deactivated; the default
is ON.
Pressing [S] again immediately after activating
the camera and monitor may cause the captured
image to be distorted; the camera is not yet
ready for image capture.
The VC-H1 does not allow you to specify an
individual image to be erased. To erase
unnecessary images, use one of the following
Perform Memory Reset to erase all images
at one time {page 11}.
When all channels are full, recall the
unnecessary image, capture a new image,
then press [MR].


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