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Transmitting Images - Kenwood VC-H1 Instruction Manual

Interactive visual communicator
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When an appropriate SSTV mode and a
desired image is selected, the VC-H1 is
ready to transmit images.
Note: AF Mute must be switched OFF {page 13} to
transmit an image using Fast FM mode; the default
is ON.
1 Confirm that the VC-H1 has been
correctly connected with the
transceiver {page 5}.
On the transceiver:
2 Turn ON the power to the transceiver.
3 Select the same frequency as the
other party.
On the VC-H1:
4 Slide the PWR switch upward to turn
the power ON.
• The TX/RX indicator lights green.
5 Press [MR] to recall an image to be
• The currently selected channel number
appears at the top right of the monitor.
• Each press of [MR] increments the
channel number.
• You may just look at the LCD monitor
and focus the camera onto an object
instead of recalling an image; you
need not press [S] to capture an
6 Press [TX] to transmit the image.
• You need not press the PTT switch.
• The TX/RX indicator lights red during
• A horizontal line appears and slowly
moves downward to show the progress
of transmission.
• To interrupt transmission, press [RX].
While transmitting, do not place the VC-H1 and
the connection cable close to the transceiver
antenna. The image on the monitor may be
distorted or erased.
The VC-H1 cannot receive images while
If no operation is performed for approximately
30 seconds after transmission, with Battery
Saver ON {page 11}, the monitor is deactivated;
the default is ON.
If you press [RX] after recalling an image,
Battery Saver {page 11} deactivates the monitor.


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