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Installation Overview - Kenwood CX-DAB1 Installation Manual

Dab antenna unit
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Installation overview

DAB antenna A/ B
The antenna should be installed on the passenger side for safety.
Use cord clamper c to secure the antenna to the pillar at several locations.
The direction of the antenna film A changes depending on whether the film antenna A is
installed on the right side or left side.
Separate the antenna film A from the ceramic line (black part) at the top of the front glass by
150 mm.
Also, place it about 70 mm inside the ceramic line at the side end of the front glass. (where the
earth sheet of the amplifier can be pasted on the metal part of the front pillar)
Separate from other antennas by at least 100 mm.
Do not paste the amplifier B on the ceramic line (black part) around the front glass. Because
there is not enough adhesion.
Select the DAB antenna power is set to "ON"
For details, see the your control unit instruction manual.
Antenna cable
(3.5 m)
Control unit
DAB antenna input
(SMB connector)

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