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Kenwood SIRIUS CX-SR10 Installation Manual

Kenwood sirius cx-sr10: install guide


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Satellite Antenna
Installation Manual
©2002 Kenwood USA Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

Summary of Contents for Kenwood SIRIUS CX-SR10

  • Page 1 CX-SR10 Sirius Satellite Antenna ® Installation Manual ©2002 Kenwood USA Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
  • Page 3 Introduction Your Sirius satellite antenna, approved by Sirius Satellite Radio, Inc., has been spe- cially designed to receive signals from Sirius' three satellites and Sirius' network of ground-based "repeater" transmitters. Figure 1: Ideal reception pattern Figure 2: Effect of obstruction on reception pattern...
  • Page 4: General Instructions

    Shape "Beveled teardrop" Color Black Dimensions 95mm x 70mm x 38mm (approx) Weight 150 grams (5.25oz) (excl. cables) Cables 4 meters (13 feet) micro low loss Connectors 2 x FAKRA / SMB (keyed per specifi-cation) Mounting Acrylic foam adhesive pads Cover Impact resistant glass filled nylon (paintable) Electrical data:...
  • Page 5: Removing The Antenna

    The antenna module is supplied with a 6 inch tail. For vehicles with flat roofs (SUVs, Mini-vans) and for convertibles, it is possible to shorten the tail by up to 2 inches. NOTE: For v v ehicles w w ith a a s s loping r r oof, o o r i i f t t he m m odule i i s m m ounted o o n t t he t t runk o o f a a convertible, t t he t t ail s s hould n n ot b b e s s hortened! Figure 4: Shortening the antenna tail After the precise length of the tail has been determined, the adhesive strip may be...
  • Page 6 Installing on Sedans The antenna module should be located along the centerline of the roof, at least 4 inches from the rear window. Figure 7: Installed antenna The antenna cables should be tucked and routed underneath the rubber molding around the rear window and into the trunk. Note: Routing the cable in the window molding will not affect the sealing of the window.
  • Page 7 Figure 9: Cables routed separately Two types of window moldings (Outside and Encapsulated) are used on most vehi- cles. Both are suitable for concealing the antenna cable. Figure 10: Outside rubber molding (most common) Figure 11: Encapsulated molding (less common) Note: The window molding will be more flexible and easier to work with at room tem- perature or above.
  • Page 8 Figure 12: Cables routed in standard molding 6. Route the cable from the lowest point of the rear window into the trunk area. Take advantage of any existing cable channel or wiring conduit. Figure 13: Entering the trunk through cable channel Figure 14 Cables routed directly through the molding and through the cable channel to the interior...
  • Page 9 Figure 16 Removing connector housings Most Sirius receivers (including the Kenwood KTC-SR901) have two antenna inputs with the same color-coding as the antenna cable - white = terrestrial; blue = satel- lite. Simply plug the cable with the blue connector into the blue input and the cable with the white connector into the white input.
  • Page 10 Installing on Convertibles On convertibles the antenna module should be located on the centerline of the trunk approximately 6 inches from the rear window. WARNING: Mounting the antenna on the trunk will only work with convertibles. For all other types of vehicles mount the antenna on the roof. Figure 18: Mounted on trunk of convertible 1.
  • Page 11 the interior trim to the receiver. Figure 21: Entering the interior through the cable channel Note: Many convertibles have composite trunk lids. In such cases it will be necessary to create a metal "ground plane". This can be done by gluing aluminum foil (at least 2 square feet) underneath the trunk lid between the composite lid and the liner.
  • Page 12 Installing on SUVs, Minivans and 5-Door Vehicles The antenna module should be located on the centerline of the roof, not less than 4 inches from the gap between the roof and tailgate: Figure 23: Minivan with Antenna Module Note t t he f f ollowing: •...
  • Page 13 of any existing cable channel or wiring conduit. 3. There are two alternative methods to route the cable under the headliner and to the receiver: a. The cable may be routed to the cable channel, lift up the channel and go through the small opening and push the cable directly between sheet metal and headliner.
  • Page 14 Mounting on Pickup Trucks The antenna module should be mounted on the centerline of the roof approximately 4 inches from the rear of the cab. The cables may be routed into the cab through the brake light cavity. Figure 29: Pickup truck with antenna module 1.
  • Page 16 E-m m ail Telephone 1-8 8 00-K K ENWOOD Main O O ffice P.O. B B ox 2 2 2745 Long B B each, C C A 9 9 0801-5 5 745 ®2002 Kenwood USA Corporation. All rights reserved.