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Additional Safety Considerations; Product Description And Application; Shipping Inspection; Electrostatic Discharge (Esd) Precautions - Whirlpool WGFD28 Installation Instructions Manual

80% 2-stage variable speed gas furnace gold models
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To prevent possible property damage, personal injury or
death due to electrical shock, the furnace must be located
to protect the electrical components from water.
Should overheating occur or the gas supply fail to shut
off, turn off the manual gas shutoff valve external to the
furnace before turning off the electrical supply.
Possible property damage, personal injury or death due
to fire, explosion, smoke, soot, condensation, electrical
shock or carbon monoxide may result from improper
installation, repair, operation or maintenance of this
To prevent personal injury or death due to improper
installation, adjustment, alteration, service or maintenance,
refer to this manual. For additional assistance or
information, consult a qualified installer, service agency
or the gas supplier.


Shipping Inspection

All units are securely packed in shipping containers tested
according to International Safe Transit Association specifications.
The carton must be checked upon arrival for external damage. If
damage is found, a request for inspection by carrier's agent must
be made in writing immediately.
The furnace must be carefully inspected on arrival for damage
and bolts or screws which may have come loose in transit. In the
event of damage, the consignee should:
1. Make a notation on the delivery receipt of any visible damage
to the shipment or container.
2. Notify the carrier promptly and request an inspection.
3. With concealed damage, the carrier must be notified as soon
as possible—preferably within 5 days.
4. File the claim with the following support documents within a
9-month statute of limitations.
Original or certified copy of the Bill of Lading, or
indemnity bond.
Original paid freight bill or indemnity in lieu thereof.
Original or certified copy of the invoice, showing trade
and other discounts or reductions.
Copy of the inspection report issued by carrier's
representative at the time damage is reported to carrier.
The carrier is responsible for making prompt inspection of the
damage and for a thorough investigation of each claim. The
distributor or manufacturer will not accept claims from dealers for
transportation damage.
This unit must not be used as a "construction heater"
during the finishing phases of construction on a new
structure. This type of use may result in premature failure
of the unit due to extremely low return air temperatures
and exposure to corrosive or very dirty atmospheres.
To prevent possible personal injury or death due to
asphyxiation, this furnace must be Category I vented.
Do not vent using Category III venting.
Provisions must be made for venting combustion
products outdoors through a proper venting system.
The length of flue pipe could be a limiting factor in
locating the furnace.

Additional Safety Considerations

This furnace is approved for Category I venting only.
Provisions must be made for venting combustion products
outdoors through a proper venting system. The length of flue
pipe could be a limiting factor in locating the furnace.

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Precautions

NOTE: Discharge static electricity accumulated in the body
before touching the unit. An electrostatic discharge can adversely
affect electrical components.
Use the following steps during furnace installations and servicing
to protect the integrated control module from damage. By putting
the furnace, the control and the person at the same electrostatic
potential, these steps will help avoid exposing the integrated
control module to electrostatic discharge. This procedure is
applicable to both installed and non installed (ungrounded)
1. Disconnect all power to the furnace.
NOTE: Do not touch the integrated control module or any
wire connected to the control prior to discharging your body's
electrostatic charge to ground.
2. Firmly touch a clean, unpainted, metal surface of the furnace
away from the control. Any tools held in a person's hand
during grounding will be discharged also.
3. Service the integrated control module or connecting wiring
after following the discharge process in Step 2.
NOTE: Do not recharge your body with static electricity by
moving or shuffling your feet or touching ungrounded
objects. If you touch an ungrounded object, repeat Step 2
before touching the control or wires.
4. Follow steps 1 through 3 before removing a new control from
its container or installing the control on a furnace. Return any
old or new controls to their containers before touching any
ungrounded object.



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