Status Codes; Diagnostic Chart - Whirlpool WGFD28 Installation Instructions Manual

80% 2-stage variable speed gas furnace gold models
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1. Automatic reset. The integrated control module will
automatically reset itself and attempt to resume normal
operations following a 1-hour lockout period.
2. Manual power interruption. Interrupt 115-volt power to the
Internal control fault/no power
O P Normal operation
E 0 Lockout due to excessive retries
E 1 Low-stage pressure switch stuck closed at start of heating cycle
E 2 Low-stage pressure switch stuck open
E 3 Open high-limit switch
E 4 Flame detected when no flame should be present
E 5 Open fuse
E 6 Low flame signal
E 7 Igniter fault or improper grounding
E 8 High-stage pressure switch stuck closed at start of heating cycle
E 9 High-stage pressure switch stuck open
E A Reversed 115 VAC polarity
d 0 Data not yet on network
d 4 Invalid memory card data
To avoid personal injury or death due to electrical shock, disconnect electrical power
before performing any service or maintenance.
The dual 7-segment LED display will display an error code that may contain a letter and number. The error code may be used to assist
in troubleshooting the unit.
3. Manual thermostat cycle. Lower the thermostat so that there
is no longer a call for heat for 1 to 20 seconds, and then reset
to previous setting.
NOTE: If the condition which originally caused the lockout still
exists, the control will return to lockout. Refer to the "Diagnostic
Chart" for aid in determining the cause.

Status Codes

b 0 Blower motor not running
b 1 Blower communication error
b 2 Blower HP mismatch
b 3 Blower motor operating in power, temperature or speed limit
b 4 Blower motor current trip or lost rotor
b 5 Blower motor locked rotor
b 6 Over/under voltage trip or over temperature trip
b 7 Incomplete parameters sent to motor
b 9 Low indoor airflow
C 1 Low-stage cooling
C 2 High-stage cooling
L O Low-stage heat
High-stage heat
F Continuous fan
1 2 CFM/100; Alternates with C1, C2, LO, HI, F

Diagnostic Chart



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