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Assigning The Ip Address To The Camera Using Arp Commands - Sony Ipela SNC-CH140 User Manual

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Table of Contents
Record event: Type of event used for the
recording: Sensor input, Camera tampering
detection, VMF, Motion detection
Playing a video/audio file
(start) to start playback from the beginning of
the selected file.
To freeze the movie temporarily, click
again to resume playback from the freeze
To stop playback, click
To start playback from the beginning, click
Playback stops when the file is played to the end.
Playing from a specified point
Move the slider bar below the image display, and
playback will start from the position of the slider bar.
Adjusting the sound
Adjust the playing sound volume by moving the
slider bar. Move it to the left end for minimum volume,
and to the right end for maximum volume.
(speaker) to enable/disable sound (muting).
When sound muting is on, no sound will be heard, even
if you move the slider bar.
Saving an image
Click the
(capture) icon during playback or pause
and the captured image is displayed in a pop-up dialog.
To save the image, click Save on the dialog. You can
specify the destination to which the image is to be
stored, and select the JPEG or Bitmap format.
How to change the image display size
Click × 1/4, × 1/2, × 1, × 2 or Full at the top of the image
to display the image in the selected magnification.
If you select × 1, the image is displayed in the
original image display size of the file.
The × 2 button is only available when image size is
640 × 480 (VGA) or smaller.
The selected image display size is highlighted.

Assigning the IP Address to the Camera Using ARP Commands

Assigning the IP
Address to the Camera
Using ARP Commands
This section explains how to assign an IP address to the
camera using ARP (Address Resolution Protocol)
commands without using the SNC toolbox.
When you turn on the camera, execute the ARP and
PING commands within 5 minutes. Also when you
restart the camera, execute the operation within 5
Open the command prompt on the computer.
Enter the IP address and the MAC address of the
camera to assign a new IP address, using the
following ARP commands.
arp -s <Camera's IP address> <Camera's MAC address>
ping -t <Camera's IP address>
arp -s 08-00-46-21-00-00
ping -t
When the following line is displayed on the
command prompt, hold down Ctrl and press C.
Display stops.
Reply from time...
You will normally receive a reply after about 5
repetitions of "Request time out."
Wait until the execution of PING finishes, then
input the following code.
arp -d
If you do not receive a reply, check the following:
– Did you enter the ARP commands within 5 minutes
after it was turned on?
If not, turn off the camera and restart the operation.
– Is a NETWORK indicator turned on?
If the indicator goes off, the network connection has a
problem. Connect the network correctly.
– Did you enter the IP address previously used for
another device?
Assign a new IP address to the camera.
– Do the computer and the camera have the same
network address?
If not, set the same network address on the computer
and the camera.


Table of Contents

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