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Honeywell HCCM674M User Manual

High resolution day/night miniature box camera
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High Resolution Day/Night
Miniature Box Camera

User Guide

Document 800-11199 – Rev E – 09/2012



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  Summary of Contents for Honeywell HCCM674M

  • Page 1: User Guide

    HCCM674M High Resolution Day/Night Miniature Box Camera User Guide Document 800-11199 – Rev E – 09/2012...
  • Page 2 Information to the User: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class A digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protec- RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK DO NOT OPEN tion against harmful interference when the equipment is operated in a commercial environment.
  • Page 3: Safety Instructions

    Safety Instructions Read Instructions Power Sources Read all of the safety and operating instructions before This product should be operated only from the type of using the product and retain them for future reference. power source indicated on the marking label. If you are not sure of the type of power supplied to your facility, Cleaning consult your equipment dealer or local power...
  • Page 4: Precautions

    Precautions Operating Installation and storage Before using the camera, make sure the power supply Do not point the camera at the sun as this could and video output are properly connected. When damage the camera whether it is operating or not. operating the camera, if any abnormal condition or malfunction is observed, stop using the camera Do not install the camera where the temperature could...
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Contents Safety Instructions ....Privacy ....23 Day/Night ....24 Precautions .
  • Page 6: Features

    Features High sensitivity 1/3″ CCD with on-chip micro lenses Other functions and low-noise digital signal processing circuit provides • Camera ID of up to 24 characters sensitivity down to 0.1 lux at F1.2, 50 IRE. • Noise reduction High-quality image Horizontal resolution of 650 TVL.
  • Page 7: Camera Parts Explained

    C-mount adapter. 1/4-20 UNC Mounting Hole Use to install the camera to a tripod. Honeywell HCCM674M Lens mount cap Use to cap the lens mount when the lens is not attached. 1/4-20 UNC Mounting Hole Use to install the camera to a C-mount adapter tripod.
  • Page 8 Setup buttons Set up and adjust the camera using the on-screen menu. See page 16. INT/LL switch INT: Internal sync mode LL: Line lock sync mode Power indicator Lights up when the camera is powered. Lens connector Use to connect the lens cable when using an auto-iris lens.
  • Page 9: Lens Connector

    Lens Connector DC Type Lens Set the lens type to DC. When using an auto-iris lens, install the accessory lens Connect the lens cable of a DC (galvanometric) plug onto the lens cable as shown below. type lens. If the plug on the cable is of a different type, replace it with the supplied 4-pin iris plug.
  • Page 10: Installation

    Installation Lens Installation Mounting a Lens Remove the lens mount cap from the camera. Attach or remove the C-mount adapter, depending on the lens to be used. If necessary, use long-nosed pliers to remove the C-mount adapter. Insert the tips of the pliers into the holes with no threads, then turn until the adapter comes loose.
  • Page 11: Back-Focus Adjustment

    Honeywell HCCM674M You can also use an ND filter in front of the lens. Loosen the two back-focus screws with a hex wrench (supplied), and then turn the lens mount to focus.
  • Page 12: Suitable Lenses

    Suitable Lenses Note In the illustration below, “L” should be as shown in the table. If “L” exceeds the value • The camera can use C-mount lenses when the in the table, it may damage the inside of the C-mount adapter (standard accessory) is installed. camera and make correct mounting When removed, CS-mount lenses can also be impossible.
  • Page 13: Camera Installation

    Camera Installation The camera can be installed on a tripod using the 1/4-20 UNC mounting holes on the top and bottom of the camera. Ensure that the camera is installed securely. Camera mounting hole 1/4″ – 20 UNC – 2B 26.65 mm 800-11199 - E - 09/2012...
  • Page 14: Connections

    Connections Connect the video output of the camera to the video Note Do not turn on the power of any connected input of a monitor or other equipment. When using a equipment until all connections are “loop through” connection of two or more monitors, set completed.
  • Page 15: Menu System

    Menu System The menu system activates all the features and options The camera settings can be changed to accommodate available on the camera. usage conditions. When connected to a monitor, convenient on-screen menus facilitate checking and The menus are superimposed over the image displayed adjusting the settings.
  • Page 16: Menu Description

  • Page 17: Setup Menu

    Setup Menu Lens Press SET on the rear panel of the camera to Press SET to display the Setup menu. display the Setup menu. Move the cursor to LENS, and then press the left or right setup button to select the Lens mode. SETUP MENU ...
  • Page 18: Shutter/Agc

    Shutter/AGC The brightness indicates the DC level of the DC lens in High Luminance mode. In Low Luminance mode, brightness indicates the AGC level. Press SET to display the Setup menu. Move the cursor to SHUTTER/AGC, and then Manual Mode press the left or right setup button to select either Auto mode or Manual mode.
  • Page 19: White Balance

    White Balance ATW automatically tracks changes in the color temperature and adjusts the white balance. Press SET to display the Setup menu. Note Only advanced users should adjust ATW Move the cursor to LENS and then press the left settings. or right setup button to select the white balance mode.
  • Page 20: Backlight

    Backlight USER2 Manually adjusted white balance by User mode2 (Color temperature is preset at 5600K). Select either backlight compensation or highlight compensation, depending on environmental ANTI CR Minimizes the color changes (color conditions. rolling) over long periods caused by small differences between the flicker frequency of non-inverter fluorescent SETUP MENU lights and the drive frequency of the...
  • Page 21: Picture Adjust

    HLC Mode The highlight compensation function improves the visual recognition of license plates and MIRROR Sets the horizontal flip for the display other such objects by suppressing or masking strong output. light sources (such as automobile headlights) in dark BRIGHTNESS Sets the brightness of the video places.
  • Page 22: Motion Detection

    Motion Detection The ATR function improves the visibility of the entire picture by providing the optimum gradation compensation for the image in one field based on the The motion detection function detects moving objects luminance information. in a scene. Motion detection is triggered when the differences between frames in a monitored area exceed Press SET to display the Setup menu.
  • Page 23: Privacy

    Privacy DETECT Sets the motion detection sensitivity. SENSE The privacy function hides a specific area in the scene from being seen on the screen. BLOCK Controls the motion detection block DISP display. Press SET to display the Setup menu. MONITOR Sets whether to use the monitoring Move the cursor to PRIVACY, and then press the AREA...
  • Page 24: Day/Night

    AREA SEL Selects the mask frame to be adjusted. SETUP MENU Sets the top side of the mask frame. PRIVACY  DAY/NIGHT AUTO BOTTOM Sets the bottom side of the mask frame.  CAMERA ID LEFT Sets the left side of the mask frame. SYNC LANGUAGE ENGLISH...
  • Page 25: Auto Mode

    Auto Mode B/W Mode • Press SET to adjust the Day/Night function settings. • Press SET to adjust the Night mode settings. DAY/NIGHT BURST BURST IR OPTIMIZER DELAY CNT MODE AUTO DAY->NIGHT LEVEL NIGHT->DAY RETURN  RETURN  BURST Selects whether to output the burst signal BURST Selects whether to output the burst when the BW status has been identified.
  • Page 26: Noise Reduction

    Noise Reduction Y and C filter ON Noise reduction reduces the amount of image noise Y filter ON generated under low-light conditions and other high- gain states. C filter ON Y LEVEL Sets the Y filter strength. Note Y = Luminance C = Chrominance C LEVEL Sets the C filter strength.
  • Page 27: Sync

    Press SET to display the Setup menu. Move the cursor to SYNC, and then press the left CAMERA ID or right setup button to select the Sync mode. ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUV WXYZ0123456789-!”#$%&’ SETUP MENU ()_`,¥:;<=>?@\^*.x+/  CLR POS  PRIVACY  DAY/NIGHT AUTO ...
  • Page 28: Language

    Language Camera Reset The OSD menu display supports seven languages: The Camera Reset function restores the default English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, settings. Russian, and Spanish. SETUP MENU Press SET to display the Setup menu. PRIVACY Move the cursor to LANGUAGE, and then press ...
  • Page 29: Specifications

    Specifications Video Specifications Off/BLC/HLC Camera ID Off/On (24 alphanumeric characters) Video Standard NTSC Privacy Off/On; 4 zones Image Sensor ″ Sony Interline Transfer CCD Motion Detection Off/On; 4 zones Number of Pixels 976 × 494 (H × V) Noise Reduction Y/C reduction Minimum Day/Night...
  • Page 30 Electrical Specifications Environmental Input Voltage 24 V AC, 60 Hz, 12 V DC Operating: 14°F to 122°F (–10°C to 50°C) Input Range 10–14 V DC, 20–28 V AC Temperature Storage: –4°F to 140°F Surge Suppression 1.5 kW transient (–20°C to 60°C) Power Consumption 3.5 W (max) Relative Humidity Less than 85%, non-condensing...
  • Page 32 Document 800-11199 – Rev E – 09/2012 © 2012 Honeywell International Inc. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced by any means without written permission from Honeywell. The information in this publication is believed to be accurate in all respects.