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Kenmore 625.347001 Owner's Manual page 11

Reverse osmosis drinking water system
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To keep your reverse osmosis system operating and
making high quality water, you must make sure sup-
ply water is always within the limits shown in the
specifications. Good supply water helps to assure
longer life from the RO membrane cartridge, prefilter
and postfilter cartridges. However, each of these will
wear out in time and need replacement.
This reverse osmosis system contains a replaceable
treatment component critical for effective removal of
total dissolved solids. The water should be tested
periodically to verify the system is performing satis-
If the RO assembly is wall mounted, you may be able
to replace parts with the assembly left on the wall. If
not, simply lift the RO assembly from the mounting
washers and lay on the cabinet floor when replacing
the prefilter and post filter cartridges and RO mem-
Note: To prevent spillage, place a container under
the RO assembly, or put the RO assembly in a con-
tainer to catch the water.
CAUTION: Before disconnecting parts, be sure to
close the water supply valve to the RO.
You must replace the prefilter cartridge often to pro-
tect the RO membrane from being destroyed by chlorine,
and/or from plugging with sediments in your water
supply. If the water supply contains both chlorine
and sediments, replace the prefilter cartridge at least
every 6 months of product water use. Replace more
often than 6 months if it begins to plug with sedi-
If the water has sediments only, with no chlorine, you
may notice a slower making of product water as the
prefilter collects the sediments. When this occurs, re-
place the prefilter cartridge. Also replace the postfilter
To replace the filter cartridges (see FIG. 9):
1. Turn off the water supply and open the RO faucet
to relieve pressure.
2. Remove (turn to the left) both sumps from the filter
heads. Be careful . . .the sumps are full of water.
3. Remove and discard the inner cartridges in a prop-
er manner. Flush the insides of the sumps with fresh
water. Do not lose the large o- ring seals.
4. Insert new cartridges, and with lubricated* o- rings
in place, turn on and tighten the sumps.
Note: The prefilter cartridge has light gray netting
and end caps. The postfilter has blue. Do not inter-
*Note: Use a lubricant approved for use on a potable
water supply.
FIG. 9
(lt. gray)
Turn sumps in the
direction of the arrow
to remove. Turn
opposite way to install
and tighten.
The life of the RO membrane cartridge depends
mostly on the pH of the supply water to the RO sys-
tem (see specifications). Cartridge life is shorter with
higher pH. For example, if supply water pH is from 6.8
to 7.7, the cartridge may last for well over 1 year. However,
cartridge life may be as short as 6 months if the pH is as
high as 8.5 to 10. Higher pH weakens the cartridge
membrane and causes pin- hole leaks.
It' s time to replace the RO cartridge when the pro-
duction rate and/or quality of product water drops.
Product water may begin to taste different or bad, in-
dicating solids and organics are passing through the
RO membrane. To be sure it is the RO cartridge, re-
place the prefilter and postfilter cartridges first.
To replace the RO cartridge (see FIG. 9):
1. Turn off the water supply and open the RO faucet
to relieve pressure.
washers (2)
(RO cartridge
o- -ring seals on
this end)
RO Cartridge
o- -ring
o- -ring seal
RO cap


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