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Setting The Operating Mode; Configuring The Ap-301 As An Access Point - AirTies AP-301 User Manual

Repeater, bridge
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Setting the Operating Mode

The AP-301 is a 3-in-1 device: it can operate as either an access point
or a repeater or a bridge.
To set the operating mode, go to the "Operating Mode" submenu under
the "WIRELESS " menu. The "Operating Mode Selection" window will
In this window, select the mode that you want your AP-301 to operate
in and click "Save".

Configuring the AP-301 as an Access Point

The AP-301 operates as an Access Point by default unless a different
mode is selected. Connect the AP-301 to an ADSL router, cable router
or local area network via its Ethernet port.
The diagram below is an example where the AP-301 is being used as
an access point device.
• First verify that your computer has an IEEE 802.11b or 802.11g
compatible Wireless Access Card installed. If not, first install a Wireless
Access Card on your computer.
• After making the hardware connections of your AP-301 as explained
in the previous section, power it on.
AirTies AP-301 User Manual
Access Point

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