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Fingerprint keypad lock
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Thank you for choosing Scyan X-7 fingerprint keypad lock. No more worries about
losing your keys! The X-7 lock offers a convenient and secure lock system solution that
adopts the latest and most advanced fingerprint lock technologies. The lock has self-
learning ability, which enables the lock to update a user fingerprint template after every
fingerprint entry. This unique feature significantly reduces rejection rate when compared
to other fingerprint lock systems on the market. In addition, the fingerprint sensor in the
lock is combined with the touch active sensor. This feature allows an easy and fast
fingerprint entry--one touch on the fingerprint sensor unlocks. The lock is also equipped
with a standard 12-key keypad. The keypad allows a user to unlock using a user code.


 Three ways to unlock: fingerprint, user code, or key.
 Up to 100 fingerprint users could be registered in the system.
 Up to 100 user codes could be programmed into the system.
 Individual fingerprint user and user code deletion.
 Build-in touch active sensor: one touch to unlock.
 Self-learning ability: fingerprint template is updated after every fingerprint entry.
 Two ways to login the system: programming code or administrator fingerprint.
 Support passage mode: stay at "unlock" state during the passage mode.
 Memory function: "power run-out" or "system reset" will not cause the loss of
registered fingerprint(s) and user code(s).
 Reversible lever: lock fits both left-handled and right-handed door.
 Reversing lever controlled by key.
 "Schlage C key" as an override key.
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