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Fingerprint keypad lock
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Scyan X7 Fingerprint Keypad Lock User Guide
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  • Page 1 Scyan X7 Fingerprint Keypad Lock User Guide - 1 -...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Programming code ------------------------------------------------------------------------4 1. Fingerprint user enrollment --------------------------------------------------------------- 5 2. Unlock using a fingerprint ---------------------------------------------------------------- 5 3. Delete a single fingerprint ---------------------------------------------------------------- 5 4. Delete all fingerprints --------------------------------------------------------------------- 6 5. User code set up --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6 6. Unlock using a user code ----------------------------------------------------------------- 6 7.
  • Page 3: Product View

    Thank you for choosing Scyan X-7 fingerprint keypad lock. No more worries about losing your keys! The X-7 lock offers a convenient and secure lock system solution that adopts the latest and most advanced fingerprint lock technologies. The lock has self- learning ability, which enables the lock to update a user fingerprint template after every fingerprint entry.
  • Page 4: Programming Code

     Key override feature could be disabled.  9V battery may be attached as an additional power source.  Double-shell heavy duty construction design.  Low power alert. Specifications:  Optical sensor.  Standard 12-key keypad.  Tubular latch.  Adjustable backset 2 ⅜” or 2 ¾”. ...
  • Page 5: Fingerprint User Enrollment

     enter the default programming code, then press #  enter a new programming code (any combination of 4-12 digits), then press *  enter new programming code, then press # If changing the programming code is successful, you will hear one long beep and the keypad will show blue light.
  • Page 6: Delete All Fingerprints

    rejections, the system will shut off. You need to lift your finger at least 2 inches away from the sensor, then place finger back on sensor to re-active the sensor 3. Delete a single fingerprint: 3.1. Login using Programming code or an administrator fingerprint. Press * then enter Programming code, followed by pressing #, or Press * followed by placing an administrator fingerprint on the sensor.
  • Page 7: Delete A Single User Code

    Enter user code on keypad then press #. When you press the first number of the user code, press and hold the first number key until you hear a beep and the keypad shows blue light. If the user code is authenticated, you will hear one long beep and the keypad will show blue light.
  • Page 8: 13. System Reset

    13. System reset: The system can be reset to the factory-set default mode by pressing the reset button. To reset the system, press the reset button and hold until you hear a long beep. The reset button is located on the PCB board. If you’ve already installed the lock onto a door, you will need to take the lock off the door in order to locate the reset button.
  • Page 9 Product return: Please refer installation instruction 8 on page 8 to removal and disassemble lock, then refer the following diagram to pack lock. Customer Service: USA: 1-800-610-8708 International: 1-206-659-8006 Email: Copyright 2013 Scyan Electronics LLC - 9 -...