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Kenmore ELITE 790.3671 Series Use & Care Manual

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  Summary of Contents for Kenmore ELITE 790.3671 Series

  • Page 1 ® Slide-in models ESTUFA A GAS IVlodelos deslizables Models, modeios 790.3670@, 790.3671 # = color number, n_mero de color _=,==.,===,,====_ 0 0_----------_ iii ... Sears Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A. P/N 318203857 Rev. B (0601) www,sears,c...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Self-Cleaning Adjusting General Care & Cleaning ... Before You Call ... Sears Service ... limitation of remedies Oven Temperature range parts free of charge if they fail for the reasons Printed in United States 13-14 14-15 17=33 34-35 36-38 39-43...
  • Page 3: Importantsafety Instructions

    The weight of a child on an open door may cause the range to tip, resulting in serious burns or other injury. An open drawer, when hot, may cause burns.
  • Page 4 = Do not heat unopened food containers--Buildup pressure may cause container injury. • Remove the oven door from any unused range if it is to be stored or discarded. IMPORTANT--Do not attempt to operate the oven during a power failure, if the power fails, always turn the oven off.
  • Page 5: Product Record

    OVENS commercial oven cleaner door gasket is essential The health of some birds is extremely to the fumes given off during the self= cycle of the range. Move the birds to another room. Important Safety Notice Serial Plate...
  • Page 6: Protection Agreements

    Agreements Congratulations on making a smart purchase. Your new Kenmore ® product is designed and manufactured for years of dependable operation. But like all products, it may require preventive maintenance or repair from time to time. That's when having a Master Protection Agreement can save you money and aggravation.
  • Page 7: Grounding Instructions

    DO NOTcut or removethe grounding prong from this plug. Personal injury or death from electrical shock may occur if the range is not installed by a qualified installer or electrician. This natural gas range is designed to allow for conversion to Liquefied Petroleum (L.P.) Gas.
  • Page 8: Range Features

    Rack 14,200 BTU Power Burner Oven Vent 9,500 BTU Porcelain Cooktop Burner Note: The features of your range will vary according to model, Electronic Oven Controls with Electronic Warmer Clock and Kitchen Timer Drawer Control Warmer Drawer with Rack *9,000 BTU Burner...
  • Page 9: Before Setting Surface Controls

    Heads, Surface Burner Caps and Surface Burner Grates are installed correctly and at the correct locations. 1. Be sure to follow the installation instructions before installing and using your new range. 2. Remove all packing tape from cooktop. Remove Burner Caps and Burner Heads (See Figure 4).
  • Page 10 Gas Surface Burners (For models with Porcelain Your range is equipped with gas surface burners with different BTU ratings. The ability to heat food quicker and in larger volumes increases as the burner size increases. The small SIMMER burner is best used for simmering delicate sauces, etc.
  • Page 11: Setting Surface Controls

    Do not place plastic items such as salt and pepper shakers, spoon holders or plastic wrappings on top of the range when it is in use. These items could melt or ignite. Potholders, towels or wood spoons could catch fire if placed too close to a flame.
  • Page 12: Setting Surface Controls

    Burner The Bridge Burner should be used with rectangular shaped cookware. Cookware like the cast-iron Griddle that is supplied with your range is designed specifically for best results with the Bridge Burner. The Bridge Burner feature may be used to combine the cooking power of 2 or if needed 3 gas surface Burners located along the left-hand side of the glass cooktop.
  • Page 13: Surface Cooking

    Surface Cooking Use Proper Cookware Cookware should have flat bottoms that make good contact with the entire surface heating element. Check for flatness by rotating a ruler across the bottom of the Figure 1 cookware (See Figure 1). Be sure to follow the recommendations for using cookware as shown in Figure 2.
  • Page 14: Before Setting Oven Controls

    "ON" and "OFF" by itself to keep the electronics cool. it may continue to run after the range has been turned "OFF", but may also stop immediately and then turn "ON" after a while.
  • Page 15: Air Circulation In The Oven

    Before Setting Oven Controls Arranging Oven Racks ALWAYS ARRANGE OVEN RACKS WHEN THE OVEN iS COOL (PRIOR TO OPERATING THE OVEN). Always use oven mitts when the oven is hot. Rack positions Figure 1 Types of Oven Racks Flat Handle Oven Rack Figure 2 Always use pot holders or oven mitts when adjusting the oven racks.
  • Page 16: Control Pad Features

    Control Pad Features READ THE iNSTRUCTiONS CAREFULLY familiar with the various features and functions of the oven as described below. Detailed instructions for each feature and function follow later in this Use & Care Guide. DELAY START-- Use with FLEX CLEAN PAD-- Use to BAKE, COOK TIME and select the Self-...
  • Page 17: Setting Oven Controls

    The clock has been preset at the factory for the 12 hour operation. When the range is first plugged in, or when the power supply to the range has been interrupted, the timer in the display will flash with "PF" (power failure, See Figure 1).
  • Page 18 Setting Oven Controls Setting Continuous Bake or 12 Hour Energy The KITCHEN TIMER _-_ and FLEX CLEAN _ ON/OFF features. The oven control has a factory preset built-in 12 Hour Energy Saving feature that will shut off the oven if the oven control is left on for more than 11 hours and 59 minutes.
  • Page 19 To tell if your range is set for normal or silent operation press and hold _ for 7 seconds. "0:00" will appear and "DELAY" will flash in the display (Figure 3). After 7 seconds ":SP" will appear in the display (Figure 4).
  • Page 20 Setting Oven Controls Setting Temperature Display The BROIL (,B_ and FLEX CLEAN _ oven control can be programmed to display temperatures factory to display in Fahrenheit. INSTRUCTIONS To change display from Fahrenheit Celsius to Fahrenheit To tell if the display is set for Fahrenheit or Celsius press and hold for (Figure 1) and "BROIL"...
  • Page 21 Setting Oven Controls Setting Preheat The PREHEAT _ pad controls the Preheat feature. The Preheat feature will bring the oven up to temperature and then indicate when to place the food in the oven. Use this feature when recipes call for preheating. Preheating is not necessary when roasting or cooking casseroles.
  • Page 22 Setting Oven Controls Setting Bake The BAKE _ pad controls normal baking. If preheating is necessary, refer to the PREHEAT _ instructions. The oven can be programmed to bake at any temperature from 170 ° F to 550 ° F. iNSTRUCTiONS To set the Bake Temperature Arrange interior oven racks and place food in oven.
  • Page 23 Oven too hot. the center. • incorrect pan size. • Pan not centered in the oven. Cakes not level. • Range not level. • Pan too close to oven wall or rack overcrowded. • Pan warped. Foods not done •...
  • Page 24 Setting Oven Controls Setting Convection Bake The CONVECTION BAKE _ Use the Convection Bake feature when cooking speed is desired. The oven can be programmed for Convection baking at any temperature between 300 ° F (149 ° C) to 550 ° F (288 ° C). Convection baking uses a fan to circulate the oven's heat evenly and continuously within the oven (See Figure 1).
  • Page 25 Setting Oven Controls Setting Convection Convert The CONVERT pad is used to automatically convert a standard baking recipe for convection baking. When set properly, this feature is designed to display the actual converted (reduced) temperature in the display. Convection Convert may ONLY be used with a Bake, Timed Bake, Delayed Start or Delayed Timed Bake setting. When used with a Timed Bake, a Delayed Timed Bake setting, the Convection Convert feature will display a "CF"...
  • Page 26 Setting Oven Controls Setting the Slow Cook Feature pad is used to activate this feature. The Slow Cook feature may be used to cook foods more The SLOW COOK _ slowly, at lower oven temperatures The Slow Cook feature is ideal for roasting beef, pork & poultry. Slow Cooking meats may result in the exterior of meats becoming dark but not burnt.
  • Page 27 Setting Oven Controls Setting CookTime forTimed The BAKE _AK_ or CONVECTION BAKE _'_ The automatic timer of the Timed Bake feature will turn the oven OFF after cooking for the desired amount of time you select. INSTRUCTIONS To program the oven to begin automatically (example: BAKE at 350°F for 30 minutes)
  • Page 28 Setting Oven Controls Setting Delayed Start Bake or Convection The BAKE,... or C ONVEOT, ON B AKE OVEN the Delayed Time Bake feature. The automatic timer of the Delayed Time Bake will turn the oven on and off at the time you select in advance.
  • Page 29 Setting Oven Controls Setting the Food Categories The MEATS M_'_-A_S), CAKES _ cooking certain food items. These pads have been designed to give optimum cook performance in each category. The MEATS pad combines a cook cycle with the convection fan and element to roast meats and poultry. Preheating is not necessary for meats and poultry.
  • Page 30 Setting Oven Controls Setting the Warm & Hold The Warm & Hold _ pad turns ON the Warm & Hold feature and will maintain an oven temperature of 170°F (77°C). The Warm & Hold feature will keep oven baked foods warm for serving up to 3 hours after cooking has finished. After 3 hours the Warm &...
  • Page 31 Setting Oven Controls Setting Broil pad controls the Broil feature. When broiling, heat radiates downward from the oven broiler for even coverage. The _ The Broil feature is preset to start broiling at 550°F; however, the Broil feature temperature may be set between 400°F and 550°F.
  • Page 32 Setting Oven Controls To Set the Sabbath Feature ,,_ _ COOK TIME and only be used with the _ pad. The oven temperature may be set higher or lower after setting the Sabbath feature oven temperature adjustment feature should be used only during Jewish Holidays), however the display will not visibly show or provide any audible tones indicating whether the change occurred correctly.
  • Page 33 Setting Oven Controls To Set the Sabbath Feature Should you experience a power failure or interruption, the oven will shut off. When power returns, the oven remembers that it is set to SAb and will not turn back on automatically. If your food was nearly fully cooked, you may allow the trapped heat in the oven to finish the cooking process.
  • Page 34: Setting Warmer Drawer Controls

    Setting Warmer Drawer Controls Arranging Warmer (Warm & Ready The rack can be used in 2 ways: • In the upright position to allow low profile food items to be placed both under and on top of the rack (for example, rolls or biscuits on top of the rack and a casserole dish underneath).
  • Page 35: Setting Warmer Drawer Controls

    Setting Warmer Drawer Controls To Set the Warmer Drawer & Bread Proof Controls: The control and indicator lights for the Warmer Drawer Bread Proof features are located on the control panel. The temperatures are approximate, and are designated by HI (high), MED (medium) and LO (low) and BREAD PROOF. 1.
  • Page 36: Self-Cleaning

    Self-Cleaning During the Self- Cleaning cycle, the outside of the range can become very hot to the touch. DO NOT leave small children unattended near the appliance. The health of some birds is extremely sensitive to the fumes given off during the Self- Cleaning cycle of any range.
  • Page 37 50 minutes)by pressing the number keypads _ During the Self-Cleaning cycle, the outside of the range can become very hot to the touch. DO NOT leave small children unattended near the appliance. DO NOT force the oven door open. This can damage the automatic door locking system. Use care when opening the oven door after the Self-Cleaning cycle.
  • Page 38: Adjusting Oven Temperature

    Self=Cleaning (cont'd) INSTRUCTIONS Stopping or Interrupting a Self=Cleaning if it becomes necessary to stop or interrupt a self-cleaning cycle due to excessive smoke or fire in the oven: Press @. Once the oven has cooled down for approximately "DOOR", "LOCKED" icon is no longer displayed, the oven door can be opened (Figure 1).
  • Page 39: General Care & Cleaning

    Various Parts of Your Range Before cleaning any part of the range, be sure all controls are turned OFF and the range is cool. Remove spillovers and heavy soiling as soon as possible. Regular cleanings will reduce the effort required for major cleanings later.
  • Page 40 General Care & Cleaning Cleaning the Cooktop, Burner The cooktop is designed to make cleaning easier. Because the gas Burners are sealed, cleanups are easy when spillovers are cleaned up immediately. The cooktop, Burner Heads and Caps should be routinely cleaned. Keeping the Burner Head Ports clean will prevent improper ignition and an uneven flame.
  • Page 41 General Care & Cleaning Ceramic Glass Cooktop Cleaning proper cleaning Prior to using your cooktop for the first time, apply the recommended CookTopO Cleaning Creme to the ceramic surface (on the web visit for replacement cooktop cleaner, item number 40079). Buff with a non-abrasive no-scratch cleaning pad.
  • Page 42 3. Grab the door by the sides and pull the bottom of the door up and toward you to disengage the hinge supports. Keep pulling the bottom of the door toward you while rotating the top of the door toward the range to completely disengage the hinge levers (Figure 2).
  • Page 43: General Care & Cleaning

    Align the glide ends on each side of the drawer with the glide slots on the range. Push the drawer into the range until the levers "click" (approximately inches). Pull the drawer open again to make sure the glides are properly seated.
  • Page 44: Before You Call

    Common ProbJems or materials in this appliance. CAUSE/SOLUTION leveling legs at base of range until the rack is level. When range is level, cooktop if countertop floor. Be sure floor is level and can adequately to correct sagging or sloping floor.
  • Page 45 If you feel the oven is too hot or cool, the Oven Temperature" fan may automatically turn on and off to cool internal to run after the range has been turned "OFF", but may also stop and then turn "ON" after a while. spillovers in oven. Set self-clean spillovers in oven.
  • Page 46 iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil For repair-in lawn and garden equipment, iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii For the replacement owner's iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii For Sears professional and items like garage iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 1-8 00-4-MY-H 0 ME ® (14oo-469-4663) ca,, ao ti o, oioht and Oaoada For repair of carry-in and electronics, To purchase a protection agreement or maintenance 1-800-827-6655...

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