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Troubleshooting; Questions And Answers - Kenmore 721.62362 Use And Care Manual

Kenmore microwave oven user manual
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and Answers
Why is the oven light not on during
There may be several reasons why the oven light is not on.
Have you:
• Set a cooking time?
• Touched START?
Why does steam come out of the air
Steam is normally produced during cooking. The microwave oven
exhaust vent?
has been designed to vent this steam.
Will the microwave oven be damaged if it
Yes. Never operate the oven empty or without the glass turntable.
operates empty?
Does microwave energy pass through the
No. The metal screen bounces the energy back to the oven cavity.
viewing screen in the door?.
The holes (or ports) allow only light to pass through. They do not
let microwave energy pass through.
Why does a tone sound when a pad on
The tone tells you that the setting has been entered..L
the control panel is touched?
Can my microwave oven be damaged if
Like any other cooking appliance, it is possible to overcook food
food is cooked for too long?
to the point that the food creates smoke and even possibly fire,
and damage to the inside of the oven. It is always best to be near
the oven while you are cooking.
When the oven is plugged into wall outlet
The microcomputer controlling your oven may temporarily
for the first time, it does not work properly,
become scrambled and fail to function as programmed when you
What is wrong?
plug in for the first time or when power resumes after a power
interruption. Unplug the oven from the 120 volt household outlet
and then plug it back in to reset the microcomputer.
Why do I see light reflection around the
This light is from the oven light which is located between the
outer case?
oven cavity and the outer wall of the oven.